Thursday March 31, 2005


Ahhh!  I’ve got the apartment to myself.  Rarely ever happens, but Jeanette & Rose headed to MD about 20 minutes ago, w/some of the other staff for a pr program.  So I’ve got the place to myself till I head out and meet them at S.M. tomorrow.  Love the girls, but love my space too.



  1. twocomplicated  •  Mar 31, 2005 @3:06 pm

    hey luc, how are you?? it’s been a long time, are you in service somewhere? have a good day-carol

  2. carsto_girl  •  Mar 31, 2005 @3:07 pm

    ahhh the peace and quiet reigns… ding dong. can i bake cookies? no i am having peace and quiet. ahhh peace and quiet… ring ring ring… should i answer it? or should i let it go? maybe it’s an emergency. ring… hello 6th street church this is lucy speacking how can i help you? ROAR!!! SCREAM!!! YELL!!!! BURP!!!! any idea who that might be? lucy hangs up and once more peace and quiet reigns…. until next time.

      sorry don’t mean to be anoying it just happens. this weekend don’t work but yeah we’ll keep going weekend by weekend. yeah tuesdays are a pain cause if you don’t get at the same table at dinner you never get caught up. sigh. so sad. love you and lata girl.

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