Thursday March 31, 2005


For real, once the newness wares off, I won’t be posting every half day like this.  We had  a crazy busy evening of choir and Bible Study (which I Didn’t attend.  GASP!!!).  I had a good excuse.  I was taking choir kids home till almost 8:00, and then Katrina Norma & I had to discuss some things about choir.  Ended the evening with my awesome friends, Shannon and Norma.  They invited me to their apartment for orange julius’ which I cant’ turn down.  They are so much fun.  Thank God for friends that get me.  At least they act like it. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. carsto_girl  •  Apr 1, 2005 @4:54 pm

    hey girl. hope you had a good weekend at smbi. thats fine you can keep posting regular like i don’t mind. i need to get moving and make dinner. my sisters are here. with the kids so i am gonna run. love and lata.

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