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Friday April 29, 2005


Weariness.  That’s what I’m feeling right now.  Third day in a row now that I’ve put in time at Shannon and Norma’s house.  I’m not used to such physical labor.  We just got back at 11:30 and I’m ready to take a good looong shower and then fall into bed.  Domestic chores and hanging out w/kids and youth does not require as much muscle strain as renovating houses does.  I think I’m gonna retire after this.     g’night.

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Thursday April 28, 2005


I had two surprise visits today.  I was up helping Norma with her house this morning when the doorbell rang, and who should be at the door but my father.  He had been in N.J. for a service call and decided to swing by Phily on his way back.  Second surprise visit happened just before five when I was getting dinner ready.  My dear little friend Octavious stopped by.  He lives in Vermont or N.H. (can’t remember at the moment) and his school is out for the summer already, so he’s down here for the next month.   He came in for dinner, but couldn’t stay longer cause I had too much to do.  Ran to Marcia to get her to try on some pants I’m altering for her, then back up to Shannon and Norma’s house.  Didn’t come back till after 11.  Extemely tired and sore.  I’m not used to such physical labor.  Planning on going up tomorrow morning again and working for about 4 hours. 


Tuesday April 26, 2005


Arrggh!  They tried to get in again.  Last night someone once again, tried to break into our shed.  Thank God they weren’t successful.  So ready for a fence to be back up.  Feel so vulnerable. 

Worked today in the country for my Dad.  Extra cash comes in handy.  Had Bible Study tonight, but didn’t really feel like I connected w/the girls.  Need to spend time with them later this week.  Tiredness.  Got to get to bed so I can get some work accomplished this week.  Later.


Saturday April 23, 2005


We’ve been robbed.  I hate it.  It makes me feel vulnerable, bothered, annoyed.  Broke into our shed and took some bikes and a tool kit.  I hate the thought of people wandering around our backyard while we sleep.  And we even have a dog.  He tried to warn us, but Richard didn’t take him serious, cause he often barks.  Police officer is here right now, but I’m pretty sure the stuff is gone for good. 


Thursday April 21, 2005


It’s the end of the day and I feel successful.  Got about everything accomplished that I set out to do.  It didn’t rain today, so shopping was great.  Norma and I went to Payless and wal-mart to do the choir shopping, then went to Center City to do some personal shopping.  Drove around quite awhile till we finally found a parking space (which even happened to be free) about 4 blocks from where we wanted to be.  No problem, cause I love walking and we got to walk right through a park (Rittenhouse Square).  On the way through, some guys stopped us and asked if we were pilgrims and we proceeded to tell them  that, No, we are Mennonite’s.  Christians actually.  So then I here this guy in the background quoting scripture. . . “when I was hungry you gave me food, when I was thirsty you gave me drink.”  And the guy we were talking too, ask us for $.82 (or some weird amount).  And we were not convicted by the scripture quoting.  My policy is don’t give money out.  Then I never need to decide real quick like that.  So we went on our way again, got some stuff, and then gave in to our fleshly desire’s of ice-cream.  Scoop de Ville was just calling our name.  Bought some ice-cream and took it back to the park to eat it.  We decided to walk thru a different way so we wouldn’t run into the same guys.  So we ate our ice-cream and were headed on our way, when Norma saw a lady walking two pug dogs.  Norma loves pugs, so we picked up our pace, so we could run into the lady.  Meantime this homeless guy on a bench calls out to me.  Don’t even remember what he first said anymore, but I stopped and talked to him (while Norma kept going to see the pugs) and he said he needed help, but he didn’t want to go to the shelter I recommended, because he’d been their before and they stole from him (so he said).  Anyways, I finally said good-bye and walked over to Norma, who never even got to see the pugs, because another guy had stopped her.  He was a very knowledgeable man.  At least in the area of religions.  He studied them alot and had a combination of buddism, hinduism, and he even included Jesus somehow.  So then the homeless guy comes over cause he didn’t like not being included, and he tells the smart guy that the god he follows is a fat slob.  The smart guy takes absolutely no offense and looks right back at him and says, “you sorta look like Jesus.”  We all laughed and Norma and I soon headed on our way.  It was sorta a cool experience being able to talk to people about our faith, but I absolutely cannot stand when people get all in my face.  I mean, just talk louder then you don’t need to put your face like 4″ away from mine.  I sorta developed this stance, so that he’d have to trip over my feet before he could get any closer. 

Oh, I almost forgot.  When Norma and I pulled into Payless parking lot, Norma spotted this van that sort looked like lemmie (yes, we name our vehicle’s around here).  But we figured it couldn’t be and continued about our business.  When we were leaving, we saw the Lemmie looking van being loaded on a tow-truck.  So we second guessed ourselves, but since we didn’t see any staff around anywhere, we dismissed it and left.  When we got back to the compound many hours later, we found out that it indeed was our Lemmie.  There was a track group here and they had driven out there to pass out tracks at Temple.  I was so annoyed, cause if we would have went to the tow-truck and told them that it was our van, we could have saved ourselves pretty many dollars.   Guess that’s the last time they’ll be parking in that shopping plaza when not shopping.   

Choir practice was awesome tonight.  The kids are pumped for the program, I think.  Norma was walking kids home and witnessed something not very nice.  Donte was biking down the street and hollared at Norma, so she waited and Donte got to this intersection and collided with a car.  I don’t think it was really serious, but an ambulence did come out and take him in.   He was complaining of pain in his legs.  His brother Domennick was worried that he was dreadfully hurt, so Rose walked him home and they sat on the steps for awhile while he bawled.  Then Rose and I walked over to his place later after Bible Study and we prayed with him.  It was so sweet to here him pray for his brother.  They don’t always get along the best (like normal siblings), but he really does love his brother.  Anyways, must head to bed before to long.  Another busy one tomorrow. 

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