Saturday April 23, 2005


We’ve been robbed.  I hate it.  It makes me feel vulnerable, bothered, annoyed.  Broke into our shed and took some bikes and a tool kit.  I hate the thought of people wandering around our backyard while we sleep.  And we even have a dog.  He tried to warn us, but Richard didn’t take him serious, cause he often barks.  Police officer is here right now, but I’m pretty sure the stuff is gone for good. 



  1. iheartMrYoder  •  Apr 24, 2005 @7:28 pm

    that is freaky. you must be in the city. stay safe. don’t let them rob you! love ya.

  2. dreamwings  •  Apr 25, 2005 @12:53 pm

    hey sis what the problem that you are down in a slump? m

  3. dreamwings  •  Apr 25, 2005 @1:20 pm

    hey, i cant say i really feel for you, cause my bike never got stolen. it was just abused adn broken by the bros. does that count? oh and yeah, i love my lips too. i know, i ez weod. that is why you like me. lil sis

  4. iheartMrYoder  •  Apr 26, 2005 @10:22 pm

    i feel so bad. so do you just have to walk every were now? you can have my bike but it’s a piece of trash. haveing a great day? mine was ok just mostly at work. have to go there again to more & the next day & the next day & the next day. ok you get the pix. love ya!

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