Thursday April 28, 2005


I had two surprise visits today.  I was up helping Norma with her house this morning when the doorbell rang, and who should be at the door but my father.  He had been in N.J. for a service call and decided to swing by Phily on his way back.  Second surprise visit happened just before five when I was getting dinner ready.  My dear little friend Octavious stopped by.  He lives in Vermont or N.H. (can’t remember at the moment) and his school is out for the summer already, so he’s down here for the next month.   He came in for dinner, but couldn’t stay longer cause I had too much to do.  Ran to Marcia to get her to try on some pants I’m altering for her, then back up to Shannon and Norma’s house.  Didn’t come back till after 11.  Extemely tired and sore.  I’m not used to such physical labor.  Planning on going up tomorrow morning again and working for about 4 hours. 



  1. dreamwings  •  Apr 28, 2005 @8:43 am

    did you like my pic i provided for you?

  2. carsto_girl  •  Apr 28, 2005 @5:22 pm

    hey girl. it’s vermont. i am so into him being around for a whole month!! i’ll have to see if i can steal him for a weekend. but i should probably do something with stacey first. he’s been after me to do something. we have gym this weekend so i just might bring him around. just for saturday. love you and can’t wait to chill with you again. lata!

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