Tuesday April 26, 2005


Arrggh!  They tried to get in again.  Last night someone once again, tried to break into our shed.  Thank God they weren’t successful.  So ready for a fence to be back up.  Feel so vulnerable. 

Worked today in the country for my Dad.  Extra cash comes in handy.  Had Bible Study tonight, but didn’t really feel like I connected w/the girls.  Need to spend time with them later this week.  Tiredness.  Got to get to bed so I can get some work accomplished this week.  Later.



  1. dreamwings  •  Apr 27, 2005 @8:38 am

    so i saw you wanted to talk to me last night at like the unearthly hour of 11:36.
    i was sleeping sally sue!
    why weren’t you?

  2. iheartMrYoder  •  Apr 27, 2005 @8:43 pm

    poor lucy! praying for you. cute picture of yourself there. so how far is the “country” from you? had a long day at work. sounds like you have loooooong days too. your great!

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