Monday May 23, 2005


Its 10:00 on Monday night.  (just like to let you all know the exact time and all).  And man do I have things to write about.  On Friday we went to Dachau Concentration camp.  Sorta a depressing day.  Then Saturday and Sunday we were in Salzburg Germany.  Went on a sound of Music tour which was way awesome.  Actually Sunday we went to Halstadt, a town near Salzburg.  Then Sunday night we caught a night train to Venice Italy.  Not a night I would wish to repeat again for various reasons.  #1  being packed in a six seat room with a smoking man and his wife does not make for pleasant sleeping conditions.  I slept solid (when I slept, which was very broken up), but I always woke up feeling rather contorted.  We had a lay-over from about 10:30 to 12:19, and were not traveling long on the second train (the one with the smoking man) when our train came lurching and screeching to a stop.  We sat for a while and it didnt really seem like we were at a station, but I fell asleep anyways.  Only to wake about about an hour and a half later to Marie saying, “that is terrrible, that is just terrible.”  We were still sitting at the spot we stopped at when I had first fallen asleep, and the smoking man had just asked someone out the window what the matter was.  Apparantly a women did not make it across the tracks and we hit her.  She was not alive.  I then realized that our whole train car was completely dark.  They apparently turned off the electricity so know one would try to get off the train.  I went out into the hall and stuck my head out the window, and thats when I realized that this was no joke.  A group of fireman were walking along the cars and shining flashlights underneath.  I guesss looking for her.  Kinda gave me a bad feeling in my stomache.  So after about a two hour delay, we headed on our way to Venice.  Would love to go into more detail, but its costing me this time.  We spent the day in Venice then caught a train to Florence.  We will spend two nights here.  All right, must go.



  1. carsto_girl  •  May 24, 2005 @4:19 pm

    yech. don’t sound very pretty. i would’ve went crazy wondering if she was under me. poor thing. y don’t you just come home now? i miss you. i need a good talk with you about two things….i’m dating now so i need some good advice from wise lucy lu and i also need guidence from you on some other issue but yeah thats for later when you come home. i want a hang out nite with you again!! so hurry up and come home!!!! although i am sooo happy you are having a great trip. i am really glad you got to go and everything. so enjoy yourself and make millions of memeries. love you lots.

  2. iheartMrYoder  •  May 24, 2005 @9:30 pm

    oh my word! that is awful! was she driving in a car or just walking across the track. yeah i got a bad feeling in my stomach too. fun times!

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