Sunday May 29, 2005


It is 11 o clock on Sunday night and I am dead tired.  Crazy day.  Friday we  went to a beach near sorrento and all fried ourselves.  Not a pleasant experience.  Then saturday we took a cruise down the coast to another nearby town.  It was not a particularly pleasant day due to burnt conditions, but we made it through. 

Now, onto today.  We left sorrento early and then went to pompei to see the ruins from  a 79 volcanoe.  Then we headed to Roma.  Wow, that is all I can say.  Took us forever to get here.  We had to catch a bus and take it to another station due to the WWII bomb that they are still dealing with.  We got a free bottle of water out of the deal which is priceless.  You pay for every drop of water you get around here, unless you request tap water and even then they sometimes cannot give it to you.  crazy.  So we finally arrived in roma, got our motel room, and then caught the metro, or subway as americans would say, and went to see some sights around town.  Beautiful fountains and the spanish steps.  Then, when we decided to catch the metro back to our hotel at ten, we learned that the metro closed at nine thirty.  Great.  So why couldnt the ticket lady tell us that.  So we went to a bus stop and the first bus that came looked like it might head to terminal station, so we proceeded to the door and asked some gentlemen that were on board.  They said yes and urged us to get on the already over crowded bus.  And by crowded, I am talking standing so close that Marie didnt even have to hang on to the bar, cause their was no way she was moving.  We found it humourous for some reason and laughed our heads off.  The one gentleman joined in our laughter, but I think every one else was thinking, please.  Stupid americans.  So we finally arrived at terminal station, after about five or ten minutes on the crowded bus. 

Mom, are you coming along to the airport.  We arrive at 3  on U S Airways.  We will have customs, so it might take a bit of time.  Oh, and another thing.  Have plenty of milk on hand.  I drank a glass of milk one time in the last 16 days.  Craving it like crazy.  And cook anything but pizza and I should be happy.  Later.



  1. dreamwings  •  May 30, 2005 @2:07 pm

    your comin home tomorrow. yay! i finally get my camera back!

  2. iheartMrYoder  •  May 31, 2005 @1:04 pm

    ahhhh. fun! i bet your home by now.i want to see pix of your trip!  i get to see you soon! i can’t wait! so were not coming for monica’s summber party now after all. so sad! do you guys have rehersal thurs. night? if not i’d love to see you! were staying with mike & becky & will probabaly hang with her & jo & carolyn & there babies fri. before the wedding. we leave straight after the wedding. so can we hook up alittle thurs. i can’t wait! love you!

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