Thursday May 26, 2005


I think that I almost lost track of the days.  But if I am not totally confused, today is Thursday and it is 11:20 a.m.   We are at the Island of Capri.  Yea, I think Paul was here on one of his missionary journeys.  It is wild to think that I am on the same island he would have walked like 2000 years ago.  We are currently waiting on a cable car to take us up the mountain, so I found a little newstand that had expensive internet.  I decided to just pay, cause we are staying in Sorrento the next two nights with no internet access.  I can”t even remember what all happened since I last posted.  Lets see Monday was Venice. . .   Oh, yea, I remember.  Mon. night we went to Florence and stayed their two nights.  I can”t for the life of me rember what we did Tuesday, but I know we took a train some where.  To a cute little town, I believe.  And then yesterday we left florence and took a train which normally takes 4 hours to Naples.  It ended up taking us 7 hours.  When we arrived at Naples, we found out from some fellow american travelors, that a bomb from WWII was found under the tracks between Rome and Naples, along the coast, so all the trains had to be diverted.  The information people had told us before we boarded that it would be 3 extra hours, but they didnt give an explanation, other then the tracks are bad.  So we spent most the day on the train.  In Naples, we ran into some ultra helpful people, who we could not understand.  Were so frustrated because the one guy insisted on carrying my suitcase and I figured he wanted money for it so I refused.  He tried to get Jolynns and MJs too.  Then when we were purchasing our train tickets to head to Sorrento, we met another guy who was trying to help Marie with her lack of coin situation.  She didnt get it and not realizing that he understood english, said, “what is with all these weird people”.  He apologized profusely and said prego, prego.  I laughed my head off when we got away from them.  Anyways, we arrived at the beautiful town of Sorrento around 9:15 or so, got a motel room that doesnt have the best accomodations, but a beautiful terrace/balcony overlooking the mediteranean sea.  dont know what else to say, catch up with you all lata. 

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