Tuesday May 31, 2005


I’m back in the states.  Good to be home, real good.  Trip was wonderful, though.  I love Roma and I definitely want to go back some day.  It’s crazy how far back their history goes.  Back before Christ.  Wild.  Sitting here in my parents family room, it’s hard to believe that yesterday I was half a world away almost.  We went to the Vatican yesterday, and saw some amazing stuff.  Also went to the catacombs and the Colloseum.  The colloseum was awesome.  We went in the evening, and at dark, the lights shining on it are awesome.  Took sooo many pictures. 

Had the most amazing meal tonight.  My mom is an awesome cook, but considering that my diet for the last 2 plus weeks consisted of mostly pizza and gelato’s, anything she made would have been great.  I think  I probably won’t be eating pizza for awhile.  Actually, the last three meals in Italy were from Mcdonalds.  We were so sick of pizza, that Mcdonalds was a treasure. 

I’m about to crash.  It’s 2:30 in Italy.  SIGHHHHH 

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