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Tuesday September 27, 2005


Office conversation today

Lucy:  There’s a ghost.

Michele: There’s a ghost?!?

Michele:  (looking at Yvonne)  Hi.

Yvonne:  I’m not the ghost.

Three sisters in one tiny office is not always the best combination.  But it’s especially bad when the eldest departs out into the shop and leaves the other two back in the corner by themselves.  Not realizing that a customer was in the front office waiting on the eldest (who was checking on something in the shop), the younger two proceeded to talk and act in a manner that they do when no one else is around.  Oh, the embarressment when the customer was discovered. 

If you need me, I’ll just be sitting in the corner eating a reeses’s.


Monday September 26, 2005


Pictures from a crazy night when Jolynn and Michele were down the other weekend.  Yes, we do know how to Roller-blade.  It just doesn’t look that way.



Me and Jolynn and Rose on American street. 


“Whoa!  We’re at Diamond Street?!”  Definitely time for a break.  One question.  Why do the guys wear protective gear, but the girls don’t?  Hmmm, maybe we’re better skaters, or maybe we’re ignorant concerning falls.  I think it’s probably the latter.


Chillin at the corner of Diamond and American.

Always something to do in the city.  This past weekend it was the Puerto Rican Parade.  Got to see some of it in the afternoon w/Alicia, Darrien, and Darius, but chose to stay w/Michelle and kids later in the evening when Phil, Duane, and Denise went up to Lehigh to check things out.  Definitely not the safest evening in that hood.  Houses getting set on fire was just one of the crazy things that was happening.  Phil claims they saw like 100 cops.  Glad I stayed w/Michelle in her safe cozy apartment.


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Saturday September 24, 2005


I love autumn.  Played frisbee golf tonight.  Out in the woods, crunching on leaves.  It just smells like fall out there. 


Friday September 23, 2005


I had a very badly needed evening tonight.  Today I was totally missing my friends and family from the country and feeling sad and stuff, but then tonight happened.  See, I have this really awesome friend that I really really connect w/right here in the city.  That would be Kishwer, and I just spent the evening w/her.  Totally picked me up.  We went shopping   then hung out at her place w/her sister and brother.  She just recently bought a digital, so she had a bunch of pictures to show me.  Then I got a call from Rose, cause she was worried about me.  I guess I’m not usually out this late unless I’m coming back from the country.  So I headed home shortly.  It isn’t really cool coming back late.  At least we have the dogs.  Duke immediately started barking when he heard the gate.  So even though he chews my sandals and makes me mad, I’m glad he’s around late at night.  And he would protect me, too.  He’s so vicious that he once was going after Phil till he realized who it was. 

Heard this awesome song on the way up to Kishwer’s tonight that just kinda encouraged me and then I was sitting up at Kishwer’s remembering the song and thinking about how cool it would be to hear it on the way home.  Sure enough.  About Broad and Glenwood it came on the radio again.  Bout made me cry.  Love when God sends little whispers of love like that.


Wednesday September 21, 2005


I’ve been up for aprox 12 hours today.  I know I should be ashamed, but I needed the sleep like crazy.  Sorry Michele.  I know I said I’d call at 7:00, but you didn’t really believe me anyways.  Once I finally got myself out of bed, I did manage to get quite alot accomplished.  Did a bunch of computer work, cut out a dress, had homework club w/my three adorable terrors (really do love them), had Kimmy and Mya over to practice choir songs, ate dinner, talked to Keith (who is presently at SMBI), caught up on my Bible reading (reading it through in a year and was a bit behind), and walked the track w/Tahnaya.  So nice out tonight.  It’s my favorite time of year I’m pretty sure. 

I felt like posting some pictures, so here’s some oldies.

This would be my crew in Philly.  From left to right:  Jeanette, Duane, me, Rose, Kristine, Keith, and Galen.  Except that Kristine isn’t here anymore.  She was just here for part of the summer.

That’d be us again, on the oldest continuously inhabited street of Philadelphia.  Very cute place.


Hanging out at Penn’s Landing July fourth weekend.

Shannon, Norma, and Kia.  Kia actually sorta enjoyed the fireworks, so Shannon thought.

One of these days I’ll get me a digital camera, take more pictures, and be able to post current pictures.  Well, I best dash off to my room, so as not to have another 11 o’clock morning.  Oh, I guess I can’t.  Going walking tomorrow at 8:30.  Later.


Sunday September 18, 2005


Way cool weekend.  I’ll start w/Friday.  Got up way to early to head out to CAM to pack w/staff ladies and ladies club.  Had been years since I did that and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Stopped at Marty’s place in the afternoon before we headed back.  We enjoyed some good food and also enjoyed watching the neighboring amish man hang his tobacco.  Wanda hiked on out to the cows w/her chair.  She just loves cows, so she sat out their watching them for awhile.  Friday evening, we ordered in Chinese  (that would be totally pleased), then I had a surprise visit from Kishwer. 

Saturday morning we had a rather long evaluation meeting.  Good stuff discussed, but sorta overwhelms me thinking about all the work we face.  So hard to decide whats important and whats really going to make a difference in the lives of these people.   Youth nite in the evening.  Youth from Bairs/Hostetters came and provided us w/supper.  We went to Wissahicken Park (my favorite).  When we got back home after dropping kids off, Hurrican Ophilla was making herself (hisself?) known.  It was gusting like crazy and the sky was flashing as a dashed in the door.  Right inside the door were two very unexpected faces – my dear sister Michele and me way cool friend Jolynn.  I was quite shocked at first, then I was excited  , then I was happy.    So we entertained ourselves in the game room.  Michele and Denise made me angry cause I was trying to play pool and they kept messing me up.  Then the started taking pictures of my every expression.  I learned that the best way to deal w/immature brats like that is to ignore them, so thats what I did (or, tried).   Oh, and talking about immature people. . .  Jolynn and I had a moment last-night.  We started giving ourselves unique hair styles such as Anne Frank, Job (or Jobe), siamese pipi long-stocking, etc.  We have like 20 some pictures documenting the event.  Good times, good times.

So then today, Jolynn and I laid in bed till almost 10:00 talking, cause she fell asleep before we had time to catch up the previous evening.  Marty finally chased us out of bed and we dashed around and actually made it to church on time.  Took a nap this afternoon, spent some time w/Shyhira, and then had services this evening.  After church we rollerbladed up American Street the whole way to Dauphin.  When we got back I yelled at Duke who had chewed on my sandals which I had left outside.  I was quite angry and I think he got the message, cause he really avoided me after that.  He went to Duane for pity, because Duane is too nice to him. 

Anyways, enough of ramblings about my weekend.  But I must say a very big thank you to Jolynn and Michele for coming and making  my weekend sooo delightful. 



Wednesday September 14, 2005


The most significant thing that happened today was rain.  Oh, and then there was the three wild and unruly kids I had for Homework club (a.k.a. Kimyoina, Mya, Naja).  Oh and I cut out and started sewing a dress tonight w/the help of Jerek.  He’s so cute.  A bundle of trouble but usually cute trouble. 

Last night after Bible Study, Carmen and I went out to Duncan Donuts for a catch up/bonding time.  It had been awhile and will probably be awhile again.  The only bad thing was that I had been tired previous to the trip, but once the caffine got in my system. . .   Yea, it took me awhile to wind down.

So, is anyone ready for fall?  I’m so ready for cooler weather.  Almost looking forward to winter, too.  Never thought I’d find myself saying that.

In other random news, I purchased a ticket for Indiana.  And just in time, too.  The prices are going up.   That’s all for now.


Tuesday September 13, 2005


when yes means no,
and no means yes.
when a single question
could be the whole test.

when up is up,
but seems like down
voices pervading
from all around.

when day means life
but life means death
when risk is taken
with every breath.

Portions from one of my sister’s poems.  And it actually makes sense, I think.  Sometimes I need explanations when it comes to her intelligent writings. 

Just sat down w/my parents and had a good talk about me.  I’m a confusing person, but I think I understand myself a little bit better now.

Other topic of conversation was about the late cat, oreo.  He died an untimely death at the hands of an archer.  My brother found him this morning in the garage w/an arrow thru him.  And I just got done looking at pictures that they took before they buried him.  It was pretty grusome.  Not sure if the cat hater wants his arrow back or not, but since we don’t know who it belongs too, it will remain in the possession of my brother.  Though he was a strange cat that I struggled to have positve feelings for, I do feel a slight twinge of sadness when I think about the horror of it all. 

Do you ever long to go back to childhood?  Sometimes I’d love to do my childhood over.  I would make the most of it.  I would be as carefree as possible. Since I can’t go back, I’ll just make the most of my life now and be as carefree as possible. 

Can’t think of any other random things to share, so I’ll catch up w/you all later.