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Monday October 31, 2005


Well I’m back in the city.  Had a safe and fun flight home.  We had a half empty plane and the steward was in a very jovial mood, I’m guessing cause of halloween.  We were given candy bars (and we didn’t even have costumes on).  I sat beside a guy who was a professing Christian, so we an interesting little talk.  Oh, and the strangest part of the whole flight was when we got left off the plane here in philly.  We walked right out onto the. . . the. . . well, the outdoors.  So weird.  We walked across that dangerous ground where little vehicle’s whip around and people w/reflectors walk and planes taxi up to gates.  O.K., it really wasn’t that dangerous and we didn’t have far to walk to the building.  Just seemed stange. 

And yes (Lamarr), I will miss quite a few people in Indiana.  Especially my family.  I feel so blessed to have been able to spend over a week w/them.  And I made a few friends out their that I will miss as well.  Gotta find some people around here that would enjoy a good game of mafia. 

Tomorrow I’m hoping to head out around noon to downington, providing the trains don’t go on strike like the rest of the septa system.  Oh man,  I just thought of another problem.  I won’t even be able to catch a bus to the train station.  And Jeanette and Rose have a rather full and busy day tomorrow.  Oh, but I wouldn’t even want to try to get on a bus w/all my luggage.  Forgot about that minor detail.  I’m sure someone will be able to sacrifice 20 minutes of their time to drop me off in C.C. tomorrow. 

Alright, gotta go.  Later.


Sunday October 30, 2005


My time out here in Indiana is about to draw to a close.  It went so fast.  Gorgeous Sunday afternoon here.  So I took family picture for the horst family (w/my new and amazing digital camera) and then we went for a walk out the stone road.  I only have one more day to do that, so hopefully it won’t rain or they don’t spread manure or anything strange like that. 

I’m actually home alone right now.  The family left for dinner before church tonight.  I’m gonna go later w/the youth.  Yeah, I was brave and got out and got to know some of the youth here.  The two cooks at Fresh Start – Miriam and Linda – are awesome girls and I saw them about every day that I was out here, so that helped me be brave where the youth group was concerned.  They’re so friendly out here, unlike some heavily populated mennonite areas that I know of.  I won’t mention any specifics for fear that I’d offend someone. 

Annyywaaayyss, a few people I can’t wait to see when I arrive back in PA.  Marie, Jolynn, Monica, Gladys, and Keith (if you’re reading this), you’ll even make my list.  Can’t wait to here about BS and Tour and all.  And I’m gonna stop mentioning names right now, cause I’m sure I’ll miss some key people if I try to do everyone and then I’ll have some more people mad at me.  Oh, can’t wait to see my family, especially you, Conrad.  I’ll see you Tuesday.  I just know that you’ve been missing me like crazy.  O.K., now I’ll stop mentioning names.  Catch you all later.

Carmen I miss you too.  (I’m stopping now, for real).


Tuesday October 25, 2005


A day in the life of a nanny.

sleep in
9:00 eat breakfast
9:30 take walk
10:15 various random things
12:00 eat lunch
1:00 Moms leave and official duty begins
1:15 sew dress while Jenna plays nicely, Chiara naps, Karissa and Dawson rest
2:45 children all wake up and various books are read, toys are played with, etc
4:00 listen to oddessey
4:15 get self ready
4:30 get children ready
5:00get children in van
5:05 drive out lane and p.u. Dawson who went out to check the mail
5:06 go to fresh start
5:20 talk to the cooks and help w/last minute prep
5:25 eat a bangin good dinner (that I didn’t half to make) with the parents
6:05 rush to grocery store w/sister
6:25 load children in van
6:40 arrive safe and sound at our little house in the woods
6:45 listen to coyote’s howl as I unload children and grocery’s from van
6:50 children play various things whilst I update

So thats pretty much my life in a nutshell for the next three days.  And I think I’ll be quite used to the title mom till all is said and done.  The two 1 1/2 year olds don’t seem to realize that the term “mom”  is only for your mom.  Not every adult women who takes care of you occasionally.  The rest of the evening will be filled w/various random childrens activites and conversations and then the parents will arrive around 9:30.  And instead of staying up till midnight recieving my condensed seminar from Chris and Dave, I think I’ll head to bed.  To many late nights and then I sleep in and don’t get anything accomplished before official nanny duty begins.   

Well Jenna’s begging for attention, so I best run along.  Later.


Sunday October 23, 2005


It’s a beautiful fall day out here in Indiana.  Having such fun w/the family.  Friday we went over to Fresh Start to give me a tour, then in the afternoon we went shopping w/Karen and Jenna.  I’ll be babysitting Jenna next week along w/the neices and nephew next week during the seminar.  She’s a cutie and her and Chiara get along real well, so I don’t think it should be a problem.  Today I got to get introduced at church.  Standard procedure w/visitors.  I had considered getting sick Saturday night, but I was brave instead.  And the church isn’t much bigger then Philly, so I wasn’t intimidated by size.  We just got back from taking a walk (which was very needed due to the peanut-butter pie and chicken poppyseed) and now I’m ready to relax and be Sunday afternoonish.  I have good intentions of starting my days w/a walk out the stone road every morning, but we’ll see how that goes.  If I’d have been a little less clueless when I was leaving Philly last Thursday, I’d have brought my camera software along so I could down load pics to share.  Yvonne, I think you were wandering about my camera.  It arrived about a half our before I headed to the airport.     So happy.  I was sitting in Phil and Michelle’s dining room enjoying a quick dinner, when the doorbell rang.  Phil answered it and came back w/a box for me.  Rather odd to recieve mail at 5:15 but totally made my day.  Anyways, enough of ramblings for me today.  Later.


Thursday October 20, 2005


Well, I’m about to be off.  Had an awesome three days.  Slept in Monday, worked a little in the afternoon, goofed off the rest of the day.  Tuesday I worked 7:30 to 5:00, then came home and raked leaves w/my brother Conrad.  Wednesday was a “try to do everything in one day”, type of day.  The 6th street staff came out to work on Richard and Esthers house, so the girls picked me up around 10:00 and I went along to help for a little bit.  Headed to dear friend Missy’s for lunch.  Hadn’t seen her in almost a year and her boys, longer then a year.  Her boys are such sweeties and warmed up to me after awhile.  Paxton even wanted to come home w/me.  He’s not even two yet and he almost cried when I gave him back to his mom.  I headed to p.v school then, where I met Jolynn and we went out for dinner and did a little shopping.  So good to connect w/you Jolynn. 

So now I leave in about 5 hours for Philly.  And I’ll see my dear family in Indiana in about 12 hours. 

My awesome fall list:

Raking leaves, hoodies, cool breezes, mums, smell of wood stoves.   Does winter have to come next?  I hope it’s a short one. 


Sunday October 16, 2005


The cabin was just absolutely wonderful.   I haven’t been to the mountains in like 3 years.  Well, maybe not quite that long, but it has been awhile.  Was very relaxing.  We did random things such as shoot guns, scrapbook, ping-pong, shuffle board, pool, etc.  Saturday afternoon, I could have almost gotten board, cause I was so unused to relaxing for a whole weekend like that.  Didn’t last long, though.  The bored state, that is.  Pictures say it better then words usually, so let me share.


Had quite a few bofa’s on sofa’s this weekend, but we did get out a little bit.  Actually all the men went hunting on Saturday.  No success.  Actually, none of them even saw deer, but mom, Yvonne, Michele, and I saw aprox. 15 around 6:30 when we were driving over the mountain.  We didn’t have a gun w/us though.  Just a camera.  Shot one w/the camera, but it was too far away. 

That would be me holding dad’s .270 and no, I didn’t shoot it.  Too loud.  Leon recommended stuffing toilet paper in the ears, but I was still too chicken.

That would be me holding Curt’s .22 and yes, I did shoot that.  Like 3 or 4 times and hit the log (our ghetto target) which was some 45 yards out, I think.

That would be my and Chad’s target.  The 7 little black marks mark the entry spots of the bullets.  Leon split open the other target that he and dad and Curt were hitting and found their lead about halfway through.  Plumb swallowed it up. 


Saturday afternoon, Conrad, Chad, Marlin, Yvonne, and I hiked over to the “Hilton”.  The up-scale tree stand that supposedly had cell phone service.  Neither Marlin or I were able to get signal, though.  So much for the infamous Hilton.  And Leon had no luck w/the deer, but the fish were biting.


Mom and dad doing random things (ie. reading and relaxing and finding humor in simple things).  And the other pic is the Ellinton church which my sister fell in love with.

Anyways it was a gorgeous, relaxing weekend and now the first part of my vacation is over.  I’m determined to soak up every minute of it and not let it fly by before I’m ready.  A couple random days here in Lancaster and then on to Indiana. 



Thursday October 13, 2005


Here’s a list of happy things in my life the last couple days.

-rollerblading the whole way to lehigh in 60 degree weather w/a seriously cool wind.

-Honey’s for lunch w/my dear friend Norma.

-The satisfaction of completing my cleaning at 12:30 tonight.

-Hanging out at Janelle’s apartment and ordering in pizza for lunch.

-Laughing and connecting w/Imani over crazy weird things.

-Finding my wallet after a frantic 15 second search for it.

-Norma and Richard offering to vacuum for me.

-Finding out the Trevor is really sad that I’m gonna be gone. Especiallly special, since Jerek tells me he wouldn’t care if I didn’t come back. 

After Bible Study tonight, we girls invited the staff all to our apartment for cake and ice-cream in celebration of Richards 72nd Birthday.  The party was great.  We were all chillen, connecting, catching up, when all the sudden Jeanette heard a great noise out front.  She dashed to the window and said something about cops.  The party broke up rather fast as everyone rushed off to other apartments, or houses, to get to a window w/out an air-conditioner in which they could hang there heads out and see the action.  Norma, Rose, Denise, and I all ended up at the same window in third floor apartment, till Norma decided to head down to the door.  She and Esther were sitting on the steps when a cop told them to get back in the house.  There must have been like 2 dozen cops slinking around vehicle’s w/guns drawn.  So then Norma and Shannon ended up in the church on second floor; Galen and Jeanette were hanging out of our apartment;  Rose, Denise, and I were still on third floor;  not sure where Richard and Esther were;  and Phil’s family was hanging out random windows of their apartment.  It was pretty surreal seeing all those cops.  Car after car kept pulling up.  Finally about 4 of them converged upon the one car, only to discover that the person they were after, was not in that car.  It soon broke up and most of the cars left.  But up untill approx 12:45, there were still about 4 cars out here.  Around 11:30 or 12, they towed off the car that they had converged upon.  So, now we’re all pretty clueless about what took place and their just might be a very dangerous person out and about in our neighborhood tonight.  There was at least 3 or 4 news vehicle’s here, so if I’d listen to KYW or check out the news, I might get a little clued in.  Rose once again decided that being an undercover cop would be fun and exciting (there was about 3 of them out tonight, too).  Jeanette once again thinks it would be very dangerous.  And I think, thank you, God for people who are willing to take such risks to make our neighborhood a safer place to live. 

Well, tomorrow I’m out.  Gave my good-by hugs and said my farewells to the youth girls tonight.   Jaleesa decided that she doesn’t like me since I’m gonna be gone for 4 weeks.  I think she’ll get over it till I get back, though.  Jasmine was worried about who would teach them the high part to the one choir song.  Candance thought I was going back to Europe again.  Man, I love these girls and I will miss them.  -Later.


Sunday October 9, 2005


Played this interesting game called Triboro tonight which takes a lot of brains- which I don’t have.  But Galen and I actually won, cause Galen’s a pretty smart kid (don’t let that go to your head, Galen).  Actually, I was a little confused about the winner, because Jeanette made up a rule as we were about to win. 

Anywaaayys.  Had a pretty good weekend despite the rain.  Don’t think we quite had 10 inches yesterday like Lancaster did.  SMBI group was here for missions involvement.  Sang at a homeless shelter, gallery for lunch, then Karissa and I bussed back.  Her first time on the bus.  Today we took part of the SM group to old city and walked around looking toristy. 

I leave in five days.  Doesn’t seem real.  So much to do till then.  Main major thing being cleaning out my room.  My rooms getting partially redone while I’m gone, so that means everythings gotta come out.  And I’ll have a new looking room when I get back.  YEAH!!! 

Mom, I’m coming out by train, so lets do Rita’s in Downington.  Don’t care how cold it is.  We can just turn the heater on as we cruise home. 

Merry fall and to all a goodnight!  (o.k. if I steal that, Jo?)


Thursday October 6, 2005


Excited!  Finally got my picture of the lion to come up.  Whenever I see a lion these days (not real of course)  I think of Asland (sp?).  See, Shannon and Norma had this lion in front of their house when they first bought it and Norma named it asland.  It sounds so right. 

In other news. . .   I bought a camara off e-bay today.  Very scary.  Thanks to Duane for finding it for me and assisting me in the transaction.  Now I just hope it’s as good as he says.  I’ll find out in a week or so.

More news. . .  Jeanette and Rose witnessed a drug bust or something out front.  Rose kept her head in the window, cause she wasn’t sure which way the guns would go off.  A half hour later, all is well and peace reigns on 6th street.  Rose is pretty sure that it would be fun to be a narcotics detective, but Jeanette thinks it would be too risky and scary.  I think, bless the people who do it but I’ll watch from a distance. 


Wednesday October 5, 2005


Gorgeous, gorgeous day.  Played Tennis this morning w/Norma, Rose, and Michelle and now my wimpy arm is feeling it.  Gotta get myself in shape.  Oh my word!  The neighbor kids just mobbed Duane.  For real, practically the whole hood is hanging on our front steps.  No school today.  Jewish holiday.  They beg for any attention they can get and since Duane just rode up on his bike, he was the next unlucky victim.  So much Choir work to take care of before I leave next Friday.  I really should get busy.  Not sure if I informed you all that I’m taking a four week holiday.  Not a jewish holiday, just a Lucy holiday.  I’m going to the cabin w/my family one weekend, going to Indiana for a week and a half, and just hanging out in my old neighborhood, reconnecting w/friends and hopefully getting some renewed vision and energy for the work here.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll figure out the next step God wants me to take in life.  Sometimes, I think it’d be awesome if he would hand me a schedule of my life.  But then I guess that would take the adventure and excitement out of it.  Anyways, I must get busy.  Later.

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