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Tuesday October 4, 2005


Well, it’s another crazy day in the office.  My dear adorable sister Michele was just recently annoying me w/music from the Wizard of Oz.  But now I’m at the computer, so she can’t do much anymore.  Oh, and the other annoying thing is this crazy fly that has decided to join us in the office today.  It was sitting on my kitkat bar and I almost ate it.  I was so greatly annoyed.  I think it has nine lives, cause Yvonne supposedly killed it, but it’s still flying around in here. 


Saturday October 1, 2005


Yes!  Got some pictures to share.


Trevor and Jerek at the way cool play-ground.


Leash and I in front of the lion.


The whole crew from l to r:  Keith, Dan, Marty, Jared, Jeanette, Rose, Darius, Alicia, Darrien, Me, Galen, Marcie, Denise, and Duane. 


Hanging out at intermission eating some awesome roasted almonds.  Was great to have Keith around. 

Oh my word!  I just answered the phone and I almost said “hello, Blue Ball Machine.”  I’m at sixth street.  Crazy how the wrong lines want to come out sometimes.  I could never be an actrss.  Now, back to pictures.

The amazing Sight and Sound building.  It’s beautiful things like this that make us desire heaven, according to Duane.

O.K.  Now I was just talking to myself.  Jeanette had been in here, but slipped out very silently and when a said something and didn’t get a responce, I realized she had left.  No, I’m not losing my mind.

So annoyed.  I have one more amazing picture of the lion, but it’s not working for some reason.  So I guess that’s all I have for now.  Later.




Saturday October 1, 2005


I sat here and stared at the weblog entry box for a while, cause I really don’t feel like updateing, but I’ve been demanded to do so.  So here goes my boring post.

Yesterday was a blissful day.  For staff activity,we headed to the country.  Our first stop was Green Dragon.  I had been there like three times previous as far as I can remember, so it was quite an interesting experience.  After that we headed to Papa Johns to pick-up some pizza and took it to “playhouse in the park”  to eat.  It was a gourgeous fall day and I discovered that there’s nothing like a country park.  The play-ground was way cool and I had a very good excuse to use the sliding board since Karissa and Trevor were begging to go. Or was I doing the begging?  Hmmm, it’s all a little fuzzy right now.  Anyways, we (at least, I) enjoyed ourselves at the park, then we single’s parted ways w/the rest and headed to sight and sound.  We met some really cool people there – Dan’s & Alicia and their boys, and Marcia.  Way cool evening and worth the money too, I believe.  I might post some pictures later if Galen lets me.

In other news, my week has been pretty busy getting ready for the pr program tonight.  AAHHHH.  Totally freekin out.  I have to give a five minute (or less) speech.  Makes me so nervous. 

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