Sunday October 16, 2005


The cabin was just absolutely wonderful.   I haven’t been to the mountains in like 3 years.  Well, maybe not quite that long, but it has been awhile.  Was very relaxing.  We did random things such as shoot guns, scrapbook, ping-pong, shuffle board, pool, etc.  Saturday afternoon, I could have almost gotten board, cause I was so unused to relaxing for a whole weekend like that.  Didn’t last long, though.  The bored state, that is.  Pictures say it better then words usually, so let me share.


Had quite a few bofa’s on sofa’s this weekend, but we did get out a little bit.  Actually all the men went hunting on Saturday.  No success.  Actually, none of them even saw deer, but mom, Yvonne, Michele, and I saw aprox. 15 around 6:30 when we were driving over the mountain.  We didn’t have a gun w/us though.  Just a camera.  Shot one w/the camera, but it was too far away. 

That would be me holding dad’s .270 and no, I didn’t shoot it.  Too loud.  Leon recommended stuffing toilet paper in the ears, but I was still too chicken.

That would be me holding Curt’s .22 and yes, I did shoot that.  Like 3 or 4 times and hit the log (our ghetto target) which was some 45 yards out, I think.

That would be my and Chad’s target.  The 7 little black marks mark the entry spots of the bullets.  Leon split open the other target that he and dad and Curt were hitting and found their lead about halfway through.  Plumb swallowed it up. 


Saturday afternoon, Conrad, Chad, Marlin, Yvonne, and I hiked over to the “Hilton”.  The up-scale tree stand that supposedly had cell phone service.  Neither Marlin or I were able to get signal, though.  So much for the infamous Hilton.  And Leon had no luck w/the deer, but the fish were biting.


Mom and dad doing random things (ie. reading and relaxing and finding humor in simple things).  And the other pic is the Ellinton church which my sister fell in love with.

Anyways it was a gorgeous, relaxing weekend and now the first part of my vacation is over.  I’m determined to soak up every minute of it and not let it fly by before I’m ready.  A couple random days here in Lancaster and then on to Indiana. 




  1. Anonymous  •  Oct 16, 2005 @11:36 pm

    Camera works great!  :-)  Syck  (sp?)

  2. dreamwings  •  Oct 17, 2005 @1:00 pm

    you randomly use the word random alot!!!!m

  3. Anonymous  •  Oct 17, 2005 @2:48 pm

    sounds like u guys had a great time! can’t wait till my vacation in florida!!! hope u have an awesome time in indiana!! bet the rest of ur family is jealous!! lata j

  4. carsto_girl  •  Oct 17, 2005 @2:51 pm

    hey come on the louder the gun the better. hey i miss u already hurry home. jk. sounds like ur having fun. although i am not jk about missing you. love u.

  5. Anonymous  •  Oct 17, 2005 @4:48 pm

    looks like you had fun at the mts.  remember shooting a gun at janelle’s that one new year eve long ago?  or weren’t you there?  maybe it was marie.  anyway, can’t wait until wed. to talk like crazy.  so much to catch up on.  mucho amor, jo*

  6. Anonymous  •  Oct 17, 2005 @10:19 pm

    btw, what does your header mean?  is it in french???

  7. Anonymous  •  Oct 18, 2005 @12:14 am

    Her header means “Miss Lucy is bored and has lots of time on her hands since she isn’t here anymore.  (in french of course)”  :-)  Hey lucy just wondering if I should print out those pics and show them to the kids down here? 

  8. carsto_girl  •  Oct 18, 2005 @11:02 am

    yeah what u said lucy lu. i am still not sure if i am going to be at phily tonite yet or not. it depends on how my nap goes. my mouth just don’t wanna heal. nasty. but we’ll see. luv u and can’t wait to hang with u again.

  9. Anonymous  •  Oct 18, 2005 @2:17 pm

    Dave said it would be better to change it now than wait till she is Karissa’s age.  Not sure what we will do-at least is wouldn’t cost anything.  Looking forward to Thurs! ch

  10. Anonymous  •  Oct 18, 2005 @4:15 pm

    Hey don’t take it to personally!  I will agree you are entitled to some time off.  And about the pics I was kinda wondering what the kids would say if they saw miss lucy out shooting rifles.  Might get some interesting comments.

  11. carsto_girl  •  Oct 18, 2005 @5:30 pm

    if i would b feeling normal i would b sad i wasn’t there. but i feel so horrible i could care less right now. my mouth is suppose to stay zip tonite. (= think it’s possible? i for one think it is. =P luv to u and can’t wait to see u.

  12. Anonymous  •  Oct 18, 2005 @5:38 pm

    Lucy, you know french???  J/K!  Hope ur definatly have a royal time AWAY from Philly life and all those ppl…  i.e., Merlin!  J/K, again :) 

    anywho, lookin’ forward to tomorrow nite, don’t eat supper if possible, I have an idea in mind… ~later, jo*

  13. carsto_girl  •  Oct 19, 2005 @9:49 am

    thanks for your sympathy. i agree, keep your wisdom. mine is being very stuborn in leaving me. it wants to stay. i am trying to compromise. we’re fighting to the finish. (= what exsactly does your heading say? is it the word random in diferent languages? (= luv u.

  14. Anonymous  •  Oct 19, 2005 @10:13 am

    yea, we’re stayin’ @ grandpa’s place! can’t wait!!

  15. wilmingtonchristians  •  Oct 19, 2005 @3:41 pm

    Wow, brings back memories, I have been to that cabin several times with our youth group.  The pond, and all the scenery is breathtaking.

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