Sunday October 9, 2005


Played this interesting game called Triboro tonight which takes a lot of brains- which I don’t have.  But Galen and I actually won, cause Galen’s a pretty smart kid (don’t let that go to your head, Galen).  Actually, I was a little confused about the winner, because Jeanette made up a rule as we were about to win. 

Anywaaayys.  Had a pretty good weekend despite the rain.  Don’t think we quite had 10 inches yesterday like Lancaster did.  SMBI group was here for missions involvement.  Sang at a homeless shelter, gallery for lunch, then Karissa and I bussed back.  Her first time on the bus.  Today we took part of the SM group to old city and walked around looking toristy. 

I leave in five days.  Doesn’t seem real.  So much to do till then.  Main major thing being cleaning out my room.  My rooms getting partially redone while I’m gone, so that means everythings gotta come out.  And I’ll have a new looking room when I get back.  YEAH!!! 

Mom, I’m coming out by train, so lets do Rita’s in Downington.  Don’t care how cold it is.  We can just turn the heater on as we cruise home. 

Merry fall and to all a goodnight!  (o.k. if I steal that, Jo?)



  1. dreamwings  •  Oct 9, 2005 @11:31 pm

    triboro…hhmmm, sounds interesting. watched part of a game of settlers, i think i know how to play now. good job on winning!  cant wait till you come!!!m

  2. carsto_girl  •  Oct 9, 2005 @11:43 pm

    like glaen could let it go to his head…maybe he could if he would have one. jk.
       yeah today was… different. i had a good day but yeah…we r going to do this thing called chill yet. i promise. i love u.

  3. Anonymous  •  Oct 9, 2005 @11:46 pm

    I won’t and its not gonna be the same around here for the next month.  Kinda sad, but I guess I’ll get used to it. 

  4. myfrey  •  Oct 10, 2005 @11:00 am

    Hey, I know I’ll see you tom., but I just thought about it and had to comment about FRIDAY!!!!!!!  Can you believe in like 4 days you will be a citizen of good ole’ Lanc. Co.?  So glad you get a break, you totally deserve it!  Have a good day, and c-ya tom.  Luv, yf

  5. iheartMrYoder  •  Oct 10, 2005 @8:51 pm

    were are you going? have a good one were ever it is…

  6. carsto_girl  •  Oct 10, 2005 @10:45 pm

    amen and amen. can’t wait!!! cheesesteaks… mmmm. hurry home!!! (= luv u.

  7. beckyfox  •  Oct 11, 2005 @7:54 am

    Hey, your site looks really great.  I love the stripes.  Have a great vacation. 

  8. iheartMrYoder  •  Oct 12, 2005 @8:03 pm

    your so sweet… hope your time off is good & you get all renewed about the city… i’m praying for you… have fun in indiana… i didn’t know you had a sister that lived there…

  9. Anonymous  •  Oct 12, 2005 @10:44 pm

    eprops to ur new look!  How many more day?!?!?!?!?!?!

    ~just joyfull, jolly, jubilent, jittery, jiggilers, jiffy, niffty jo*  😉

  10. myfrey  •  Oct 13, 2005 @8:03 am

    Hey, it’s down to 1 more day!  I’m leaving work probably mid-morning, because we are heading up to the cabin @ 12:30pm.  We are going w/Curt cause his parent are leaving already in the morning.  And he’d like to see how his vehicle does on gas mileage.  So, I probably won’t see you till you get up to the cabin Fri. nite.  Hope you have a great day!  Luv, yf

  11. Anonymous  •  Oct 13, 2005 @1:05 pm

    Actually, no.

  12. Anonymous  •  Oct 13, 2005 @7:24 pm

     Are you going home? Have fun. oh and congrats on winning I love winning

  13. Anonymous  •  Oct 13, 2005 @11:31 pm

    Looking forward to seeing you next week!  Have a great w-end at the cabin.  I’ll try to call you Monday or Tuesday!  Love, ch

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