Thursday October 13, 2005


Here’s a list of happy things in my life the last couple days.

-rollerblading the whole way to lehigh in 60 degree weather w/a seriously cool wind.

-Honey’s for lunch w/my dear friend Norma.

-The satisfaction of completing my cleaning at 12:30 tonight.

-Hanging out at Janelle’s apartment and ordering in pizza for lunch.

-Laughing and connecting w/Imani over crazy weird things.

-Finding my wallet after a frantic 15 second search for it.

-Norma and Richard offering to vacuum for me.

-Finding out the Trevor is really sad that I’m gonna be gone. Especiallly special, since Jerek tells me he wouldn’t care if I didn’t come back. 

After Bible Study tonight, we girls invited the staff all to our apartment for cake and ice-cream in celebration of Richards 72nd Birthday.  The party was great.  We were all chillen, connecting, catching up, when all the sudden Jeanette heard a great noise out front.  She dashed to the window and said something about cops.  The party broke up rather fast as everyone rushed off to other apartments, or houses, to get to a window w/out an air-conditioner in which they could hang there heads out and see the action.  Norma, Rose, Denise, and I all ended up at the same window in third floor apartment, till Norma decided to head down to the door.  She and Esther were sitting on the steps when a cop told them to get back in the house.  There must have been like 2 dozen cops slinking around vehicle’s w/guns drawn.  So then Norma and Shannon ended up in the church on second floor; Galen and Jeanette were hanging out of our apartment;  Rose, Denise, and I were still on third floor;  not sure where Richard and Esther were;  and Phil’s family was hanging out random windows of their apartment.  It was pretty surreal seeing all those cops.  Car after car kept pulling up.  Finally about 4 of them converged upon the one car, only to discover that the person they were after, was not in that car.  It soon broke up and most of the cars left.  But up untill approx 12:45, there were still about 4 cars out here.  Around 11:30 or 12, they towed off the car that they had converged upon.  So, now we’re all pretty clueless about what took place and their just might be a very dangerous person out and about in our neighborhood tonight.  There was at least 3 or 4 news vehicle’s here, so if I’d listen to KYW or check out the news, I might get a little clued in.  Rose once again decided that being an undercover cop would be fun and exciting (there was about 3 of them out tonight, too).  Jeanette once again thinks it would be very dangerous.  And I think, thank you, God for people who are willing to take such risks to make our neighborhood a safer place to live. 

Well, tomorrow I’m out.  Gave my good-by hugs and said my farewells to the youth girls tonight.   Jaleesa decided that she doesn’t like me since I’m gonna be gone for 4 weeks.  I think she’ll get over it till I get back, though.  Jasmine was worried about who would teach them the high part to the one choir song.  Candance thought I was going back to Europe again.  Man, I love these girls and I will miss them.  -Later.



  1. myfrey  •  Oct 14, 2005 @7:54 am

    Doesn’t it give you a good feeling to realize how much people will miss not having you around.  It means you have touched their lives with your life.  Wether it is just an aquaintance or a special friend.  I’m sure all your girls will be glad to have you back again.  It was probably her way of dealing w/the “good-bye”.  Hey, I’ll see you tonite!  So excited!  Luv, yf

  2. Anonymous  •  Oct 14, 2005 @10:35 am

    Hey that is fine about the babysitting.  But would you mind having Jenna?  Her and Chiara play well together unless Chiara decides to pull her hair!:(  She is bad for that right now.  You can think about it till I call you! Later, ch

  3. iheartMrYoder  •  Oct 14, 2005 @5:57 pm

    sounds like lots of fun there… put visit julana on that list of fun things lucy “should do”

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