Thursday October 6, 2005


Excited!  Finally got my picture of the lion to come up.  Whenever I see a lion these days (not real of course)  I think of Asland (sp?).  See, Shannon and Norma had this lion in front of their house when they first bought it and Norma named it asland.  It sounds so right. 

In other news. . .   I bought a camara off e-bay today.  Very scary.  Thanks to Duane for finding it for me and assisting me in the transaction.  Now I just hope it’s as good as he says.  I’ll find out in a week or so.

More news. . .  Jeanette and Rose witnessed a drug bust or something out front.  Rose kept her head in the window, cause she wasn’t sure which way the guns would go off.  A half hour later, all is well and peace reigns on 6th street.  Rose is pretty sure that it would be fun to be a narcotics detective, but Jeanette thinks it would be too risky and scary.  I think, bless the people who do it but I’ll watch from a distance. 



  1. Anonymous  •  Oct 7, 2005 @12:06 am

    Yes, I”ll be there for you in mind and in spirit tomorrow!  Wish I knew what you were up to…. :)  Call me later! ~jo

  2. Anonymous  •  Oct 7, 2005 @7:52 am

    hey I think I meet u on missions invovment w/ SMBI last yr.

  3. Anonymous  •  Oct 7, 2005 @4:36 pm

    Nice lion.  Looks a little fuzzy.  We will blame that on the . . . um . . . air that night.  Must have been sumthin in the air.  Yea, its gotta be.  And don’t feel bad if u didn’t see it last night.  I only saw the end and it was kinda boring by then.  Later.

  4. dreamwings  •  Oct 7, 2005 @10:37 pm

    seriously, it was all good, they were all diff conversations and thougts. let me know if you want details. m

  5. Anonymous  •  Oct 9, 2005 @5:33 pm

    Say, I guess my posts have been different lately.  Had a rain-erific wknd, btw.  Tried calling you today to talk but “stupid nextel” isn’t coming thru for me….  Wondered if your coming in to hear the Faith Builders Coral sing.  Anyway, since I didn’t get a hold of you, I guess I’ll just stay home and catch up on my sleep and showers!  Luvs and hugs, JO* 

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