Tuesday October 25, 2005


A day in the life of a nanny.

sleep in
9:00 eat breakfast
9:30 take walk
10:15 various random things
12:00 eat lunch
1:00 Moms leave and official duty begins
1:15 sew dress while Jenna plays nicely, Chiara naps, Karissa and Dawson rest
2:45 children all wake up and various books are read, toys are played with, etc
4:00 listen to oddessey
4:15 get self ready
4:30 get children ready
5:00get children in van
5:05 drive out lane and p.u. Dawson who went out to check the mail
5:06 go to fresh start
5:20 talk to the cooks and help w/last minute prep
5:25 eat a bangin good dinner (that I didn’t half to make) with the parents
6:05 rush to grocery store w/sister
6:25 load children in van
6:40 arrive safe and sound at our little house in the woods
6:45 listen to coyote’s howl as I unload children and grocery’s from van
6:50 children play various things whilst I update

So thats pretty much my life in a nutshell for the next three days.  And I think I’ll be quite used to the title mom till all is said and done.  The two 1 1/2 year olds don’t seem to realize that the term “mom”  is only for your mom.  Not every adult women who takes care of you occasionally.  The rest of the evening will be filled w/various random childrens activites and conversations and then the parents will arrive around 9:30.  And instead of staying up till midnight recieving my condensed seminar from Chris and Dave, I think I’ll head to bed.  To many late nights and then I sleep in and don’t get anything accomplished before official nanny duty begins.   

Well Jenna’s begging for attention, so I best run along.  Later.



  1. dreamwings  •  Oct 25, 2005 @8:32 pm

    hi “mom”, good to hear your having an awesome time. say hi to all for me. m

  2. Anonymous  •  Oct 25, 2005 @8:33 pm

    actually if it is this thursday I will be over there and maybe I can stop up if you are going to be there around 3pm…let me know your plans!!

  3. myfrey  •  Oct 26, 2005 @12:16 pm

    Very interesting post!  Sounds like you have good times.  Mom was telling me how Chiara was annoyed at you.  Was pretty funny!  Anyway, glad you are having a good time.  See ya

  4. beckyfox  •  Oct 26, 2005 @3:42 pm

    Sounds like you are having a grand time.  Like the part about not cooking – could use one of those breaks myself

  5. Anonymous  •  Oct 26, 2005 @5:18 pm

    Hey Luz, sounds like you are having a fun time!! Can’t wait to see you again:^) It’s been too long:^( sob,sob. Last nite I looked at our europe pic. I can’t believe we were there. Love ya

  6. carsto_girl  •  Oct 27, 2005 @2:51 pm

    when r we on this thing? can’t wait to see u. i love u tons! cc

  7. Anonymous  •  Oct 27, 2005 @3:24 pm

       Hey you! So good to hear from you! Maybe we can keep in touch a little now! =) Love you! ~Carolyn

  8. Anonymous  •  Oct 28, 2005 @5:54 pm

    great to read your up date on Ind.  You will make a great mom some day.  Hope you had a great evening tonight.  I”m sure you’ll read this after you get back.  Let me know how it went then alright?!….  luv ya*

  9. iheartMrYoder  •  Oct 28, 2005 @10:54 pm

    what a fun day! i love odessey! i’m always borrowing my brothers tapes… there fun to clean with….

  10. LydiaJo  •  Oct 29, 2005 @8:27 pm

    Keep on enjoying yourself.  Jo

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