Wednesday October 5, 2005


Gorgeous, gorgeous day.  Played Tennis this morning w/Norma, Rose, and Michelle and now my wimpy arm is feeling it.  Gotta get myself in shape.  Oh my word!  The neighbor kids just mobbed Duane.  For real, practically the whole hood is hanging on our front steps.  No school today.  Jewish holiday.  They beg for any attention they can get and since Duane just rode up on his bike, he was the next unlucky victim.  So much Choir work to take care of before I leave next Friday.  I really should get busy.  Not sure if I informed you all that I’m taking a four week holiday.  Not a jewish holiday, just a Lucy holiday.  I’m going to the cabin w/my family one weekend, going to Indiana for a week and a half, and just hanging out in my old neighborhood, reconnecting w/friends and hopefully getting some renewed vision and energy for the work here.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll figure out the next step God wants me to take in life.  Sometimes, I think it’d be awesome if he would hand me a schedule of my life.  But then I guess that would take the adventure and excitement out of it.  Anyways, I must get busy.  Later.



  1. iheartMrYoder  •  Oct 5, 2005 @4:35 pm

    sounds like a fun day… i wanna learn how to play tennis… i  probably wouldn’ t be so good at it but… have a good one!

  2. Anonymous  •  Oct 5, 2005 @5:10 pm

    Poor Duane!  I can almost, exactly get a clear mental pic of that motion picure in my head!  HE for-real cracks me up!  I can’t help but think that you have fun in Philly.  U really do have a fun, good staff to work w/, Lucy! 

    C-ya in a not so long time! 

  3. carsto_girl  •  Oct 5, 2005 @10:39 pm

    hey r u calling me a siko?! but i will not 4get ice age. i 4 real can’t wait to hang! i’ll be cing ya. man i can’t believe i’m saying this, but what i wouldn’t do to be duane right now… luv ya.

  4. beckyfox  •  Oct 6, 2005 @11:22 am

    4 week vacation – sounds to good to be true.   Have fun.  (=              -Becky

  5. Anonymous  •  Oct 6, 2005 @4:33 pm

    thanks for the comment!  just wondering… how did that silly phrase go that we made up?  Something about “frenzy filled Fridays, super, sappy Saterdays, and what else?  I just can’t seem to get it together.  HELP!  Signed a dire friend in need!  ~jo*

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