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Wednesday November 30, 2005


What a different week.  For some reason, I’ve been feeling  very un-busy this week, so I’ve been volunteering for just about every odd random job that comes up.  Monday I helped Michelle defrost and rearrange freezers.  Then I got inspired to move the one book-case from the old church to the social room almost all by myself.  Keith helped me by moving the actual book case and once he had it sitting just perfectly on it’s little balanceing pieces, I filled the shelves again. 

Tuesday, I did nothing, absolutely nothing that involved physical labor.  Left around 8:00 to take Brandon to Harrisburg (he was headed back to Bald Eagle camp).   Made good time on the road, but a few stops caused the trip to be rather long and we didn’t get back till 1:30.  Brandon, Wanda, and I all slept part the way out.  Not very good company for Galen the driver, but he maybe preffered the silence, to mindless chatter.  So then when I got back a crawled into a chair in the apartment and would have fallen asleep were it not for Rose banging around in the apartment and the fact that my feet were falling asleep from the odd angle they hung over the chair.  Then after dinner I did fall asleep and would have slept right through Bible Study if Rose wouldn’t have once again banged around the apartment.  Not sure why doing nothing just makes you tireder. 

Then today, I babysat Bradley while the rest of his family went to the zoo.  But since he slept most the morning, I cleaned the game room and worked on the schedules for the first four months of 2006. 

After lunch we bid farewell to Richard and Esther.  It seemed weird saying good-bye, cause they’re gonna be back tomorrow evening and I’ll see them Friday, and they might be back again saturday evening.  But they officially moved out today.  And Michelle and Keith both pointed out to me that I am now senior staff.  Richard and Esther had moved in a few weeks before me.  It doesn’t really freak me out, though, cause Shannons are still around and Dan’s are, too.  And Keith and Rose moved in just a couple months after me, so it feels like they’ve always lived here, too.  Esthers counting on coming and getting snowed in sometime this winter so we have a good excuse to sit around doing a puzzle instead of working.  So pray for a very huge predicted snow storm.

This evening, we are having staff activity which I’m very in the mood for.  We’re gonna try to make taffy.  We’ll see how it turns out. 

Anywaays, enough of ramblings.  Want to post a few pictures of some of my favorite, people, yet.

My favorite outside activity w/the children.

My nephew Dawson took this un-centered picture.  For a 5 year old, I thought it was pretty good.  Might end up loving photography like his aunt M.  The girls, by the way, were getting grumpy.  It was close to bed-time and they both wanted snacks and they both wanted to be held, and I think they both actually just wanted their mommies.

My absolute favorite picture of Chiara from my week out there.  Because she’s actually smiling and looking at the camera instead of running away. 

l to r:  Keith, Duane, Kristine, Jeanette, me, Galen, Rose.  In keeping w/my last post, I’d have to say that right now, Keith is my least favorite of the group. 

Dear friends, Shannon, Norma, and Kia.  Oh, Michelle’s even on the far right there, to make my list of favorite people.

My dear mom and adorable neice.

Marie, Monica, and Jolynn – my blue crew

Alicia dear (and the lion).

My deepest apologies to those of you who thought you should make my favorite list and didn’t.  It just means that I didn’t have a good picture of you in my photobucket.  Michele, I had one of you from the cabin when you where being a bofa, but I was pretty sure that you wouldn’t feel like a favorite person if I put that one on.  Julana, had one of you and Jason from Marie’s wedding, but ditto about the not feeling like a favorite had I posted it. 

Anywaaaays, must be out.  Later.


Sunday November 27, 2005


If there’s one thing I hate, it’s when someone plays a practical joke (such as hiding keys) on someone else, and I end I’m getting in trouble for it.  WHY ME????!!!!!????

Where does Keith come up w/all these crazy things.  Arrrgggghh!

What did I ever do to him?  


Friday November 25, 2005


Hope you all had a very wonderful thanksgiving day.  Mine was very relaxing.  Now back to work like crazy today.  We have a group coming tomorrow to do street work etc., and I’m about the only female around this place today, so that means almost all the extra cleaning falls to me (jumping up and down w/extreme excitement). 

I managed, w/the help of Duane, to figure out how to get pictures off my camera onto the computer, so I actually have some pictures to show of my wonderful thanksgiving day.  It started out w/the parade in C.C. which most us single vser’s went to.  It was sooo cold.  I had got up too late for breakfast, so I enjoyed a very warm egg sandwhich from one of the lunch wagons and then we froze ourselves as we watched the approx. 1 1/2 hr parade.  It was much better then last years, cause they had the huge balloons this year.  Keith was a little disappointed, though, cause he didn’t get any candy.  The postal crew was handing out lolipops, and I tried to get one for him, but they just past us by.  Oh, and then there were the scary clowns that would get all demanding and in your face.

Oh, thats right.  I did do a bit of work yesterday.  I cleaned some before us girls went to the guys apartment for lunch.  Hung out there being bofa’s on sofa’s for awhile.  Props to Galen for the entertainment.  Not sure if I could watch it three times, though.  Then I visited Richard and Esther for a bit.  And when I went to leave, Richard told me I should have done that more in the last couple years.  And now I feel sad, cause they’re about to move and wish I could visit them more. 

Huge thanksgiving dinner.  Huge group too.  All us staff, plus Rose’s family, plus Duane’s brother Jason, plus Peg and Jamie and Jade.  After stuffing ourselves to the max (me, anyways), we headed to the game room.  Played a crazy game of spoons.  Had to deal w/some very obnoxious people like Jeanette, Galen,  and Jeff, just to name a few. 

Anyways, I’ll stop rambling now and share some pics.

One of the many huge balloons.


A very cool float, and some very cool people watching the parade. 

That’d be all 50 million of us enjoying the huge feast.

Me and a very adorable Jamie.  He has braids.  I’m jealous.

Keith reading the book of the hour – “The five chinese brothers”.   Read it some time.  Very intersting.

Carrie (Rose’s sister) reading “the five chinese brothers” to me, Jerek, and Trevor.

Anyways, my cleaning AND my laundry AND my dishes are calling me.  So I best be out.  Later.


Wednesday November 23, 2005


Went roller-blading again tonight (thats about what all my posts say), and had my first fall of the season.  It really wasn’t that dramatic, but I did feel a bit salty.  It was Duane’s fault.  He started it.  We were all testing our spinning ability’s and I already knew that I spin right and that left doesn’t work too well for me, but I had to try it anyway.  So I’m doing my little left footed spin and next thing I know I’m on the ground.  Oh, and then another crazy thing happened.  We were on Marshall st about back home when a car comes up behind us and blows the horn.  I was out the way, in fact I think we all about were out the way, and this lady has the adaucity to yell, “get off the street!”  And then she pulls right up to me and stops.  And then, I realized that it was my dear friend Alicia.  She thought she was pretty clever.  I think she was still laughing about it when she pulled away. 

Uggh! I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen.  Well, not quite, but I had a bunch of baking to do and I had to make dinner tonight for 8 people and I enjoy cooking but being in the kitchen for a couple hours can about drive me crazy.  I think the worst part is how the dishes accumulate.  I can do dishes all day long and there’s still dishes sitting around when the day finally comes to a close.  Props to Jeanette for doing my huge mountain of dishes after dinner. 

Talked to one of my girls that I haven’t talked to since April when she went in to foster care.  So excited, and I get to hang out w/her on Friday. 

Well, I was hoping to stay up to see the snow flurries tonight, but I’m really getting tired, and it’s almost midnight and I have to get up at 7:00 tomorrow to head to C.C. to see the thanksgiving parade tomorrow.  I’m hoping sooo bad that they do their big balloons this year.  Last year it was too windy. 

Oh, one other thing yet.  The mission recently purchased a white dodge van.  We name all our vehicles here- Gus (green maxi dodge), Mitch (white chevy/gmc), Alta (cavalier station wagon), Torri (tan taurus), Susie (green saturn) – and the new van needs a name.  Keith is insisting on some very disgusting names and unless I can come up w/something better, the van is doomed to be called a disgraceful name for the rest of its life.  Please, I’m taking any suggestions for a great name.  Keith got his way w/Susie, but I’m putting my foot down this time.  I refuse. 

Marie, just wanted to let you know that i had a “thinking about Marie” moment today.  Two reasons actually.  One – I made stir-fry for supper.  Two –  I made your famous jello w/cream for supper.  Miss you.


Monday November 21, 2005


I love the part in fairy tales
That’s very near the end,
When all the kingdoms cheer
for their new queeen.
And all is well
And all is good
And everyone belongs.
Happily they’re ever-aftering.



Saturday November 19, 2005


»  After many many weeks, Gabriel Zeke still lives on. (do fishes have 9 lives?)

»  Went grocery shopping tonight w/Jeanette and Denise.  BIG mistake.  We weren’t even hungry, but we came home with way more food and way less money then we should have.

»  Came out of the grocery store to discover that our car was gone.  My first thought was the memory of leaving my keys laying on the floor of the car.  Jeanette, the clear headed, immediately concluded that the guys were around somewhere.  Sure, enough.  Upon further observation we discovered alta (the car) sitting way off in a distant area of the parking lot.  And upon even further observation, we discovered torri (another car) sitting in a distant corner.  The guilty ones? – Galen and Kwammaine. 

»  Bought the most fuzzy, warm, cozy blanket at the grocery store.  Specialty item. 

»  Hung out w/Kwammaine, the crazy, for a bit when we got back from the store.

»  Went rollerblading w/Galen and Denise (she biked) in this crazy real feel temp of 20 below weather.  I’m convinced it was good exercise for the lungs.  Denise is pretty sure it’s asking for pneumonia. 

»  Enjoyed orange julius’ compliments of Jeanette, after taking warm showers.  Acted silly w/Denise.

And we’re still hanging out in our apartment.  Denise thought we might as well just have breakfast awhile.  But I think she may have finally konked out on the sofa. 

I’ve been back almost a week, but it feels way longer then that.  Was it really just five days ago that I said good-bye to my fam and hopped in my car bound for Philly?  Feels like forever ago.  Mom, I think it’s been half of forever.  Later.



Tuesday November 15, 2005


I just found out that, while I was posting unimportant little delightful things about my day, people in Indiana were running to basements as homes and businesses got destroyed by tornado’s.  So sad.  I don’t understand.  Thank God lives were spared.


Tuesday November 15, 2005


Highlights today –

   –Dunkin Donuts w/the ladies this morning.
   -Biking to
Penn’s Landing.
   -Meeting friendly people also enjoying the gorgeous fall day.
   -Hanging things on the walls of my new and improved bedroom.
   –Crunching on fall leaves in bare-feet.  (don’t think I ever did that b4)
   –Swinging w/Jerek.


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Sunday November 13, 2005


Life is full of surprises:
       ©  I saw a picture of Duke and Chloe the other day and almost missed them.   I think I was actually just missing the 6th and Master area in general.  Not the dogs specifically.   I hope.
     ©  I think I’m more unsure about leaving tomorrow, then I was 1 year, 10 months, and 3 days ago.
        ©  I’m going back to the city w/way more then I came out with.
        ©  I’m actually in the mood for winter.

Life is full of changes:
Little neice’s and nephew get bigger. 
        © Friends change.  
Seasons change.  
Leaves change. 

Life is full of good-bye’s:
Ever since I’ve been home, I’ve been saying good-bye.
        © Good-bye  Chris, Dave, Karissa, Dawson, Chiara.  
  Good-bye Indiana.  
        ©  Good-bye airplane.  
        ©  Good-bye Evan.  
   Good-bye city.  
        © Good-bye Missy.  
        ©  Good-bye Monica.  
        ©  Good-bye rest of my friends.  
        © Good-bye bedroom.  
        ©  Good-bye family (tomorrow).

I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since I left Philadelphia w/my car loaded to the max.  I miss the city.  I miss my friends in the city.  But I wish for one more week out here.  These past two weeks were full.  Catching up w/my many country friends, working occasionally, painting Michele’s bedroom, shopping, eating at Carini’s w/Carmen (did that enough these past two weeks to mention it). 

Life is full of things to anticipate:
     ©  Moving into my new and improved bedroom.  (can’t wait to check out the stalactites on the ceiling).
        ©  Getting to see Evan again.
        ©  HWC w/my crazy, adorable, lovable, naughty girls.
  Tuesday night – seeing all my girls.
        ©  Thanksgiving – parade, turkey, etc.
        ©  Carmen visits .
        ©  Jolynn and sister Michele visits (pulleaze).
        ©  Christmas – w/the whole family together at one time.
        ©  Skiing (possibly).

        ©  A new year – oh, the possibilities.


Monday November 7, 2005


Septa’s not on strike anymore!!!   Now I can go back to Philly w/out fear of a taxi job.  Went to Rockvale Sq outlets tonight w/mom, my sister, and my brothers.  Weren’t even out of NH till mom and I were wondering if we shouldn’t have left the backseat at home.  Well, actually, just two on the back-seat.  Chad was being fine.  I won’t mention the other two names.  They’re too much alike and not only do they annoy each other, they succeed at annoying others because they’re annoying each other and, this isn’t making any sense.  Actually, we usually just laugh at them and point out to Michele how very much alike her and Conrad actually are.  It did end up being a very successful and enjoyable shopping trip.  Went to the Bible Factory outlet, Pottery Barn (new store that I wanted to check out), Christmas tree hill, and a few others.  I’m all the sudden in the mood for Christmas, but I’m trying to hold back, cause I’m sure I’ll be sick of all the Christmas music and other hoopla long before Dec. 25 if I start now.

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