Friday November 25, 2005


Hope you all had a very wonderful thanksgiving day.  Mine was very relaxing.  Now back to work like crazy today.  We have a group coming tomorrow to do street work etc., and I’m about the only female around this place today, so that means almost all the extra cleaning falls to me (jumping up and down w/extreme excitement). 

I managed, w/the help of Duane, to figure out how to get pictures off my camera onto the computer, so I actually have some pictures to show of my wonderful thanksgiving day.  It started out w/the parade in C.C. which most us single vser’s went to.  It was sooo cold.  I had got up too late for breakfast, so I enjoyed a very warm egg sandwhich from one of the lunch wagons and then we froze ourselves as we watched the approx. 1 1/2 hr parade.  It was much better then last years, cause they had the huge balloons this year.  Keith was a little disappointed, though, cause he didn’t get any candy.  The postal crew was handing out lolipops, and I tried to get one for him, but they just past us by.  Oh, and then there were the scary clowns that would get all demanding and in your face.

Oh, thats right.  I did do a bit of work yesterday.  I cleaned some before us girls went to the guys apartment for lunch.  Hung out there being bofa’s on sofa’s for awhile.  Props to Galen for the entertainment.  Not sure if I could watch it three times, though.  Then I visited Richard and Esther for a bit.  And when I went to leave, Richard told me I should have done that more in the last couple years.  And now I feel sad, cause they’re about to move and wish I could visit them more. 

Huge thanksgiving dinner.  Huge group too.  All us staff, plus Rose’s family, plus Duane’s brother Jason, plus Peg and Jamie and Jade.  After stuffing ourselves to the max (me, anyways), we headed to the game room.  Played a crazy game of spoons.  Had to deal w/some very obnoxious people like Jeanette, Galen,  and Jeff, just to name a few. 

Anyways, I’ll stop rambling now and share some pics.

One of the many huge balloons.


A very cool float, and some very cool people watching the parade. 

That’d be all 50 million of us enjoying the huge feast.

Me and a very adorable Jamie.  He has braids.  I’m jealous.

Keith reading the book of the hour – “The five chinese brothers”.   Read it some time.  Very intersting.

Carrie (Rose’s sister) reading “the five chinese brothers” to me, Jerek, and Trevor.

Anyways, my cleaning AND my laundry AND my dishes are calling me.  So I best be out.  Later.



  1. Anonymous  •  Nov 25, 2005 @11:27 am

    We found the pig magnet earlier.  If I remember it was w/the toys in the closet by the front door.  The coat will work great!  Thanks for shopping for me!  What is the total for sweater & coat?  Include tax too if it was added.  Later

  2. myfrey  •  Nov 25, 2005 @12:14 pm

    Don’t feel sorry or guilty for being lazy – you deserve that every once in awhile.  I didn’t feel like I really did too much.  First thing I did a load of wash, and then cleaned up our messy “apartment” before the fam came.  I was just about to start painting, but dad thought w/them blowing the insulation, it might be too dusty.  So after lunch was over and dishes were done, Mom & I decided it wasn’t too dusty and finished painting the bedroom above the dining room.  And then we did one wall in the master bedroom!  Then I got supper for everyone, so that was the extent of my day!  Have a good one!

  3. dreamwings  •  Nov 25, 2005 @1:37 pm

    you rhyme, do you do that all the time? *grins*

  4. Anonymous  •  Nov 26, 2005 @4:01 pm

       That parade looked like alot of fun! I still love parades. I can’t wait till Chloe’s old enough to enjoy them! So, did you get the cleaning done? It was fun being w/ Michelle for a couple days. When everyone’s together it makes for a VERY noisy house!!!! They have so much fun!! Jeremy looked at me at lunch today and said, “we’re only having 3 kids, and NO more!!” =) It drives him crazy! Take care!!

  5. indianaboy  •  Nov 27, 2005 @4:52 pm

    Hey i’m really sorry about calling your song a poem, like i said it was hard to see through the tears. No, its hasn’t snowed out here yet, it was getting colder but today its kinda warm again. By the way nice fuzzy red critter.

  6. iheartMrYoder  •  Nov 27, 2005 @9:21 pm

    what adorable pictures… looks like lots of fun… glad you had a good thanksgiving…

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