Monday November 7, 2005


Septa’s not on strike anymore!!!   Now I can go back to Philly w/out fear of a taxi job.  Went to Rockvale Sq outlets tonight w/mom, my sister, and my brothers.  Weren’t even out of NH till mom and I were wondering if we shouldn’t have left the backseat at home.  Well, actually, just two on the back-seat.  Chad was being fine.  I won’t mention the other two names.  They’re too much alike and not only do they annoy each other, they succeed at annoying others because they’re annoying each other and, this isn’t making any sense.  Actually, we usually just laugh at them and point out to Michele how very much alike her and Conrad actually are.  It did end up being a very successful and enjoyable shopping trip.  Went to the Bible Factory outlet, Pottery Barn (new store that I wanted to check out), Christmas tree hill, and a few others.  I’m all the sudden in the mood for Christmas, but I’m trying to hold back, cause I’m sure I’ll be sick of all the Christmas music and other hoopla long before Dec. 25 if I start now.



  1. Anonymous  •  Nov 8, 2005 @7:23 am

    I’d say it sounds like the 2 on the “back seat” are feeling better!:)  Just window shopping or did you find some bargains! :)

  2. Anonymous  •  Nov 8, 2005 @10:34 pm

    hope u have fun tomorrow nite.  it will be soo good to see monica again.  she will love you for it!  have a great evening!  smeches of reeces!

    ps: how was the pottery place forreal?  should i go there sometime to get stuff for my room?  is it decently priced or out ra gous?!

  3. Anonymous  •  Nov 9, 2005 @8:55 am

    Did you get to go along to Hope on Tues eve? 

  4. Anonymous  •  Nov 9, 2005 @1:23 pm

    The incident in question turned out fine, on my part anyway.  I think it was denise that came down and let me back in.  The person who was the subject of the prank was not very happy, or so it seemed.  He retaliated by placing two pairs of shoes in the same place, but mine were on my feet.  Denise managed to push one of hers off the roof and down onto the sidewalk, dangerously close to a water puddle.  So for me this experience was amusing at least.  Are you enjoying your last days there at home?

  5. iheartMrYoder  •  Nov 10, 2005 @9:04 am

    ohhhh i am so in the mood for christmas! i started shopping   & think i should have more done then i even do! it’s such a wonderful time of the year!

  6. Anonymous  •  Nov 11, 2005 @8:34 am

    What have you been up to the rest of the week? 

  7. Anonymous  •  Nov 13, 2005 @12:02 am

    oh I can’t believe it is final and coming very soon!!! aahhh was great talking with you thanx for all your good advice…

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