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Thursday November 3, 2005


I discovered a new phobia of mine.  LADYBUGS!!!  Arrrgghh!  They fly and a great number of them choose to reside at ms. Gladys’ door as well as some in her house.  They don’t respect anybody’s personal space and chose to land where ever they will.  Even on me if they choose.  At least one joined us in the car and I was scared I’d wreck.  But he flew down in the vent and I assume got stuck down there.  Anyways, my sister and I went out to se Ms. Gladys today.  Had fun despite the ladybugs.  Ate too much food at Ruby Tuesdays.  And we even saw a bear.  It was just plumb crazy.  We were driving around at the camp at the time and Gladys about lost here mind.  Worried about what we’d do because it was in Ms. Stephs backyard.  Yelling at me to get out of the car and take a picture.  I think she was expecting me to walk right up to the thing.  It was pretty exhilerating AND scary to say the least.  Yvonne was pretty terrified about having to walk to my car in the dark when it came time to leave Gladys’ place.

And for those of you who were wondering. . .  my sabatical/vacation is not over yet.  I was just down in Philly Monday night thru Tuesday noon, cause I had just flown in from Indiana.  I have all of next week off yet and then I head back to the city the following Monday.  And man do I have a lot to do till then.  Anyways, sleeping would be a good thing right now, so, later.

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