Sunday November 13, 2005


Life is full of surprises:
       ©  I saw a picture of Duke and Chloe the other day and almost missed them.   I think I was actually just missing the 6th and Master area in general.  Not the dogs specifically.   I hope.
     ©  I think I’m more unsure about leaving tomorrow, then I was 1 year, 10 months, and 3 days ago.
        ©  I’m going back to the city w/way more then I came out with.
        ©  I’m actually in the mood for winter.

Life is full of changes:
Little neice’s and nephew get bigger. 
        © Friends change.  
Seasons change.  
Leaves change. 

Life is full of good-bye’s:
Ever since I’ve been home, I’ve been saying good-bye.
        © Good-bye  Chris, Dave, Karissa, Dawson, Chiara.  
  Good-bye Indiana.  
        ©  Good-bye airplane.  
        ©  Good-bye Evan.  
   Good-bye city.  
        © Good-bye Missy.  
        ©  Good-bye Monica.  
        ©  Good-bye rest of my friends.  
        © Good-bye bedroom.  
        ©  Good-bye family (tomorrow).

I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since I left Philadelphia w/my car loaded to the max.  I miss the city.  I miss my friends in the city.  But I wish for one more week out here.  These past two weeks were full.  Catching up w/my many country friends, working occasionally, painting Michele’s bedroom, shopping, eating at Carini’s w/Carmen (did that enough these past two weeks to mention it). 

Life is full of things to anticipate:
     ©  Moving into my new and improved bedroom.  (can’t wait to check out the stalactites on the ceiling).
        ©  Getting to see Evan again.
        ©  HWC w/my crazy, adorable, lovable, naughty girls.
  Tuesday night – seeing all my girls.
        ©  Thanksgiving – parade, turkey, etc.
        ©  Carmen visits .
        ©  Jolynn and sister Michele visits (pulleaze).
        ©  Christmas – w/the whole family together at one time.
        ©  Skiing (possibly).

        ©  A new year – oh, the possibilities.



  1. Anonymous  •  Nov 13, 2005 @11:00 pm

    I’ll be thinking and praying for you this week!  We too are looking forward to Christmas and in reality it will probably be here before we know it.  But then our time together will pass too quickly also.:(  Well I’m sure you don’t need :(‘s You need :)’s.  Keep looking up!!:)

  2. travelingon  •  Nov 13, 2005 @11:35 pm

    O i’m sorry. it sounds like u are feeling a little melancholy about life! that’s ok. i do every time i’m home for a week or so. i HATE change!! hope everything goes ok for u! thinking about u. O BTW we (the youth) were at Dave’s tonight and we decided that u need to come for another visit! think about it!!

  3. iheartMrYoder  •  Nov 14, 2005 @10:45 am

    i loved your post… your so creative! oh & THANK YOU for the funniest present ever that monica gave to me this weekend! i loved it! yes, we must both be fan’s of reesee’s…

  4. Anonymous  •  Nov 14, 2005 @9:48 pm

    luv that post!  Sounds just like you…. <3, jo*

  5. myfrey  •  Nov 15, 2005 @12:00 pm

    How’s life going in the city?  I hope you can adjust quickly!  Hey, guess what, my kitchen is installed!  I’m sooo excited!  Tonite I’m gonna paint, again.  Getting soooo tired of painting, but I can’t wait till it’s done.  So that kinda keeps me going!  Anyway, I hope you have a great day!  Luv, your sis

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