Sunday November 27, 2005


If there’s one thing I hate, it’s when someone plays a practical joke (such as hiding keys) on someone else, and I end I’m getting in trouble for it.  WHY ME????!!!!!????

Where does Keith come up w/all these crazy things.  Arrrgggghh!

What did I ever do to him?  



  1. Anonymous  •  Nov 28, 2005 @12:04 am

    At least you know it wasn’t me.  :-)  For once!

  2. dreamwings  •  Nov 28, 2005 @12:30 am

    we made it home all safe and sound.  no probs, i think going is scarier than leaving. bad Truman Niles….what was he thinking in doing that to my sister? honestly? thanks for the good wknd. m

  3. travelingon  •  Nov 28, 2005 @12:28 pm

    sounds like a good Thanksgiving. i was at Virlin’s along w/ the rest of the single staff. ’twas good. have a good day.

  4. Anonymous  •  Nov 28, 2005 @1:38 pm

     Auctually Good Night Moon doesn’t get read every night, but that is a good one to add!   

  5. iheartMrYoder  •  Nov 29, 2005 @10:09 am

    poor lucy….=) sounds like a evil keith….

  6. Anonymous  •  Nov 30, 2005 @9:13 am

    I thought the pics were good.  Wasn’t sure what you meant about developing?  Were you referring to the way my dress and Dawson’s shirt look?  Also how did we leave it-am I going to get more out here or were you going to do it or was it when we are in?  Have a good day!

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