Tuesday November 15, 2005


I just found out that, while I was posting unimportant little delightful things about my day, people in Indiana were running to basements as homes and businesses got destroyed by tornado’s.  So sad.  I don’t understand.  Thank God lives were spared.



  1. carsto_girl  •  Nov 15, 2005 @11:46 pm

    carmen was touched that lucy liked her note. need tissue. i luv u girl!! and seriously, give my phone a ring if u need me. any time of day or nite. my ear will hear it. even if it’s a message. u go girl!!! i be behind u all the way!!!

  2. Anonymous  •  Nov 16, 2005 @4:22 pm

    I know I should comment on your post but I’m just wondering if the room is “ok?”  ~jo

    ps: Is your sistah n family ok?

  3. dreamwings  •  Nov 16, 2005 @8:29 pm

    did you steal a bunch of my CDs? m

  4. myfrey  •  Nov 17, 2005 @12:18 pm

    I was referring to your day to day happenings in the city.  Your everyday schedule, etc.  Anyway, hope you have a great day!  Luv, your sis  

  5. Anonymous  •  Nov 17, 2005 @2:30 pm

    hey cuz, how r things goin’ w/ u?! got a question – do u remember that green stripe layout that u had a while back??…jus was curious where u got that from, cause i’m soo sick n’ tired of my layout…n’ need something diff.
    anyway been awhile since i saw u…i guess last time would have been blue ball days! well, i need to get back to work ~ have a good wkend!! love ya, jan

  6. carsto_girl  •  Nov 18, 2005 @2:27 pm

    ohhh now shes getting acused of being a thief…m from now on i want to hear NOTHING about needing bannana’s. i mean really, u don’t go on sum1s site and just acost them like that! u should say sumthing like this….hey lucy lu, whats happening? how r your days getting back and adjusting to city life? r u lovin it or r u missing me? i miss u. oh did u happen to borrow sum of my cds? just wondering cuz i was missing sum and wanted to know where they are at….so that is how i think u shoulda done that one. ur not much of a communicater are you? lol. well luc, back to u…hows that heart of yours doing? ive been thinking about you. we’ll b there. i am really lookin forward to it. we are just working on dates now. r there any that don’t work for u? i luv u and talk to u soon. (=

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