Wednesday November 23, 2005


Went roller-blading again tonight (thats about what all my posts say), and had my first fall of the season.  It really wasn’t that dramatic, but I did feel a bit salty.  It was Duane’s fault.  He started it.  We were all testing our spinning ability’s and I already knew that I spin right and that left doesn’t work too well for me, but I had to try it anyway.  So I’m doing my little left footed spin and next thing I know I’m on the ground.  Oh, and then another crazy thing happened.  We were on Marshall st about back home when a car comes up behind us and blows the horn.  I was out the way, in fact I think we all about were out the way, and this lady has the adaucity to yell, “get off the street!”  And then she pulls right up to me and stops.  And then, I realized that it was my dear friend Alicia.  She thought she was pretty clever.  I think she was still laughing about it when she pulled away. 

Uggh! I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen.  Well, not quite, but I had a bunch of baking to do and I had to make dinner tonight for 8 people and I enjoy cooking but being in the kitchen for a couple hours can about drive me crazy.  I think the worst part is how the dishes accumulate.  I can do dishes all day long and there’s still dishes sitting around when the day finally comes to a close.  Props to Jeanette for doing my huge mountain of dishes after dinner. 

Talked to one of my girls that I haven’t talked to since April when she went in to foster care.  So excited, and I get to hang out w/her on Friday. 

Well, I was hoping to stay up to see the snow flurries tonight, but I’m really getting tired, and it’s almost midnight and I have to get up at 7:00 tomorrow to head to C.C. to see the thanksgiving parade tomorrow.  I’m hoping sooo bad that they do their big balloons this year.  Last year it was too windy. 

Oh, one other thing yet.  The mission recently purchased a white dodge van.  We name all our vehicles here- Gus (green maxi dodge), Mitch (white chevy/gmc), Alta (cavalier station wagon), Torri (tan taurus), Susie (green saturn) – and the new van needs a name.  Keith is insisting on some very disgusting names and unless I can come up w/something better, the van is doomed to be called a disgraceful name for the rest of its life.  Please, I’m taking any suggestions for a great name.  Keith got his way w/Susie, but I’m putting my foot down this time.  I refuse. 

Marie, just wanted to let you know that i had a “thinking about Marie” moment today.  Two reasons actually.  One – I made stir-fry for supper.  Two –  I made your famous jello w/cream for supper.  Miss you.



  1. dreamwings  •  Nov 24, 2005 @12:46 am

    van name should be Truman Niles Maust. that is what you get when you type Keith Maust into the “re-namer” at  Or you could always go with something like Gavin. :)  see you later.m

  2. dreamwings  •  Nov 24, 2005 @12:53 am

    i just did Galen and Duanes names and it gave me Prairie Nebraska Emerick and Zed Hoshi Friesen. think you better stick w/Keiths, unless you want to give it a girl name you are Naveen Alaula, Jeanette is Mo Rasia, Rose is Perdy Dorothy, and Denise is Barbie Jamaica.  or of couse you could name it after Cloe and go with Deliz Enid or Duke- Liko Jaguar. have fun w/all the choices Naveen. later Azuka Chamomile Newswanger :()

  3. Anonymous  •  Nov 24, 2005 @8:48 am

    Were you doing the spinney thingy that I always do?  So sorry that you fell. 

    Hope you have a very meaningful Thanksgiving in Philly. 

    Yesterday Richard and Esther we in to visit my classroom, (Genessa is their granddaughter)

    I might be able to help you out w/ naming ur new van…..  How about presidents?  Remember our cars??? :)

  4. myfrey  •  Nov 25, 2005 @7:52 am

    How about Dusty?  Don’t know how I came up w/that, but it sounds a little better than someone else’s suggestions!  Won’t mention any names, though!  Of course she would come up w/something like that!  Anyway, hope your Thanksgiving was a good one, and have a wonderful day!  Luv

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