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Thursday December 29, 2005


Do you ever just feel. . . disturbed?  So I was on the phone, having a conversation all alone in my apartment around 10:30ish, when I heard noises downstairs.  Didn’t get too concerned about it till I heard noises right outside my door.  Still on the phone, I sneaked to the door and peeked out to discover that it was just Jeanette.  Siigghh.  But she was also disturbed about the noises downstairs.  Upon further discussion, while my fellow conversationalist “holded”, Jeanette concluded that it was probably Galen taking the trash out cause tomorrow is Friday.  So after such a disturbing evening, I didn’t get to work on my puzzle much.  O.k., so it was the phone conversation that took me away from my puzzle.  Not really the intruder.  I think, I’ll take my disturbed self to bed. 

Do you think my new favorite word is disturbed?


Thursday December 29, 2005


Things I did this week that I loved:

-Had Kimmy, Nana, and Mya over-night last-night and after games, food, braids, and crazy times, we didn’t even need the sleeping pills.  Everyone chilled and went right to sleep.  (Thank You Jesus).

-Chilled w/country visitors at Old City Pizza, Independence Hall, the park, and the game room.  Carmen, your friends are great, hilarious, crazy.  

-Visited dear friends – Ginger and Jolynn.

-Hung out w/family and laughed histerically about spilled water and other crazy things.

-Went shopping at the mall and bought myself a Christmas present.

-Rearranged the family room.  (I have an obsessiong with re-arranging furnitre.  My bedroom has had many different looks in the past two years that I’ve resided here.)

-Started working on the puzzle that I got from my parents.


Things I did this week that I didn’t love:

-Said good-bye to family (I hate, hate, hate that).

-Cleaned the bathroom.

-Spent 17 dollars just to park in C.C. for under 2 hours.  (crazy, crazy, crazy.  Didn’t come out of my pocket, but still inecredibly annoying.  It’s robbery, pure robbery.)


Things I’m looking forward too:

-Spending time w/Kishwer of whom I could count on one finger how many times I’ve seen her in the last two months.

-Chillen w/some of the youth girls tomorrow.

-Volley-ball Saturday afternoon.

-Spending New Years Eve w/dear friends who I haven’t seen for awhile.  Can’t wait to catch up.

-Seeing my family for a teeny teeny bit Sunday morning, before I dash back to the city.


YES!!  The good out weighs the bad.  That must mean that over-all, I’m having a good week.   Later.

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Monday December 26, 2005


My Christmas Break is over.  Such good times w/the family and friends.

The Newswanger Clan. 

My family decided that we’re not doing gifts this year.  So Friday night my parents went out and bought gifts for us all.   

 Mine and Chiara’s favorite book.  I read it to her every day except for yesterday, cause she was already asleep in Grandma’s lap when I got home from Jolynn’s.   So I read it to Grandma and the other occupants of the room. 

 I’m having major longings for Europe.  Brought the train back tonight and used my Europe suitcase.  Memories, memories.  The pull handle still doesn’t come back up if you push it down the whole way.  But lucky for me, I remembered, so I didn’t have to empty half the contents of my suitcase when I got off the train.  Marie, we’re going back next year, remember?  I wish.  Later.

Oh, and PS.  I don’t do tags.  At least not today and maybe not ever.  Or maybe someday I’ll be in the mood.  Sorry Becky and Jolynn.  Hope you get over it.


Friday December 23, 2005


*Ecstatic, Excited, Hyper, Jubilant, Jumping for Joy* 

I’m headed to the country and will see the family from a distant land in aprox. 2 1/2 hrs.  And then the whole fam, as in every single one of us, will gather together tomorrow.

Last-night some amazing people took us single vs’ers out to Olive Garden.  Shannon and Norma are too generous.  Good food, awesome atmosphere, and some lovely conversation. 

Well, I must go pack.  Later.


Tuesday December 20, 2005


This picture just cracks me up.  Check-out the headless man standing behind Rose. 

Much better.  Everyone’s heads are in place.  Monday night we went to Rittenhouse Square and other random places in the city to enjoy Christmas lights.

City Hall.  Some brilliant person, added color to City Hall w/projectors.  Pretty incredible I think.  If Denise knew who it was, I’m sure she would salute his brilliance.


Random today moments:

-Bought something I regreted as soon as I got to the check-out.

-Didn’t buy something I wished I would have.

-Read “Good-night Moon” twice cause I had to give it back to Ms. Marty.   (warm fuzzies of Indiana and Chiara)

-Contemplated hurling poinsettia’s at people.

-Found an insurance bill that I had forgotten.  Due date 12-21-05.  Thank goodness for debit cards and money in the bank.

-organized my life (so previous doesn’t happen again).

-talked to my sister and got excited about the weekend.





Sunday December 18, 2005


My what a week.  The funeral was here on Friday so plenty of work this week.  I think it was on Thursday when I was at Peg’s filling out invitations for the funeral when it hit me that this guy was about my age.  He was 25.  So tragic. 

His little girl sat with me during the viewing and was about besides herself w/grief.  She tried so hard to be strong, but it was too much for her little heart to bear.  She actually talked during sharing time, her brave self.  Talked about the last time she saw her daddy. 

This situation has given me a deeper burden for my girls.  I just wish I could make the decision for them.  I wish I could show them how serious life is and that they have to make a choice.  We can’t just be good people and expect to get to heaven. 


Tuesday December 13, 2005


Please pray for Peg.  Monday night her son was killed. 

Jesus, we need strength.

Pray that she would not become bitter, and that we could be strong for her.


Sunday December 11, 2005


I’ve just recently developed the ability to be able to function on 6 or 7 hrs of sleep (disregard previous comment.  The experiement wasn’t completed in its entirety).  And it’s really frustrating, cause everyone else around here thinks they still need 9 or 10.  So, here it is, 11 o’clock and everyone’s practically in bed but me.  And I don’t have to get up till 7:20 tomorrow, so I could go till 1:00.  Hmmmmm, maybe I’ll work on my Europe album.  Granted, one unfortunate person has to get up at 2ish tomorrow morning.  Sorry about his luck.

So now I have to decide. . .  Do I continue to ramble here, or do I head straight to my scrapbook?  Such difficult decisions.   O.K., I decided.  I will ramble a bit.

Friday evening I decided to have four of my youth girls over-night.  Crazy fun times.  Made candle’s, ate chips and salsa and cookies, played chase the rat, annoyed the other girls in my apartment. . . oh, what else.  And poor Rose had to crawl out of bed at 1:00 am to tell my girls to be quiet (they had woken her up) while I continued to “sleep” in her top bunk.  Thankfully they didn’t keep anyone else up. 

Saturday went to hear the Vienna Choir Boys.  I was in awe.  They were good, the conductor/piana player was amazing, the songs were delightful, and the auditorium was “WOW”.  Back to the girls apartment for pizza and random fellowship.  (I randomly like to use the word random). 

Today “someone” had this crazy idea to go out in this blitzen cold weather to take single staff pictures (I randomly like to use quotation marks, also).  And I, even I, am beginning to feel like this picture taking business is getting a little bit out of hand.  It was all good, though, and I think we got some decent “random” shots.  Christmas caroling tonight.  Fun, cold, entertaining.  Keith and Tiffany were both in my group and they get along soo well, that it doesn’t get boring.  And then Sheileka was also in my group and she’s just histerical.

So anyways, it’s now 11:20 and I think I’ll sign off.  Later.


Thursday December 8, 2005

Had the most delightful day today.  In a minute I’ll tell you about it. 
O.K., I’m back.  Anyways. . .  as I was saying, I had an all around good day, except for one particular instince this morning.  Alta, the station wagon, was trying my patience.  I hopped in it, pulled out the gate, and when I went to hop out to shut the gate, it refused to budge.  So in great anger I crawled over and out the passenger door.  I shut the gate than attacked the door from the outside and it worked.  As I opened and slammed it shut a couple times (to make sure it worked), I called it mean names.  Then I almost had to laugh at myself cause the car sure didn’t care how I felt about it. 
But the rest of my day was pretty o.k.  I bussed into Center City to see Alicia’s mom (she’s in Jefferson Hospital).   I gave her a Bible which she was extremely excited about it.  I asked her where I should put it, but she just wanted to hold it.  Met a friendly man in the elevator and we discussed the impending storm.  Before I caught the bus back home, I popped into a starbucks and enjoyed myself a nice peppermint mocha (3/4 shot of espresso made it much more enjoyable for my coffee hating self).  I even got to read the New York Times while I sat there enjoying the Christmas music, mocha,  and time to myself.  Then, I froze myself (well, it felt like it) as I walked the 3 blocks to the bus stop and then waited for what seemed like forever.  Oh my word, when I went in, the funniest thing happened.  Well, I thought it was funny.  Most the other people on the bus were annoyed.  We were almost at Market Street, which was about 3 blocks from where I wanted to be, when the bus driver stopped the bus and anounced that she had to use the bathroom.  We were to remain on the bus and she would be right back.  Never had that happen before, but I guess if you gotta go, you gotta go.  Since I was so close, I decided not to wait.  I hopped off and just walked a bit further. 
So once back home, I helped Rose make final preparations for a ladies tea, that she had planned.  It was about 10 ladies and two little ladies, and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves.  Props to Rose for organizing a wonderful evening. 
And tomorrow, I’ll probably be snowed in.  Yea!!!!!!  I have plenty of work to do around here, so I’m sure I won’t get bored.  Later.

Bradley, Jerek, and I matched.  Jerek refused.


Wednesday December 7, 2005


In recent Days I learned:

-My sister cannot do a good piano imitation.
-No matter how good the cookies look, if they have whole raisins in them, they aren’t.  (Not yours, mom.  They were o.k.)
-Soda is incredibly bad for you.  Diet, even worse.
-I have the self-discipline of a rat.  (not sure how much they have, but I can imagine, not very much).
-Snow falling, lights, and Center City make an awesome combination.
-Zuanquay still listens on me if I use my loudest most intimidating voice.
-My brother believed in evolution at one time.  “But the science book says we came from monkeys.”
-I don’t survive too well on 6 or 7 hours of sleep a night.
-In the last twelve years, I have doubled my age.
-Winter is really really cold.

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