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Monday December 5, 2005


Taffy anyone?



Shannon, the snake charmer?  Oh no, that’s the glass taffy.  Pulling it was quite difficult as evidenced by Rose and Phil’s expressions.




We had this crazy awesome Christmas banquet w/some crazy awesome youth.

Adorable little Bradley playing w/the pool balls.

A crazy attempt at getting staff pictures taken.



Friday December 2, 2005


I tried to cut off my thumb today on our pulley wash-line.  Good thing I didn’t know that those lines were capable of cutting off fingers, before I attempted to battle w/the line.  Just managed to make it bleed and feel pain.  Michelle came to my rescue and helped me repair the stupid thing.  So much for hanging towels out on a windy day.  Arrggh!


Friday December 2, 2005


I‘m so frustrated with the way americans are taking Christ out of Christmas.  Its wrong at some public schools to say “merrry Christmas”, because its offensive to some.  Well, I’ll tell you whats offensive.  It’s offensive to me that people have taken a Christian holiday which is totally about Christ and turned it into a Christ-less holiday.  So Norma, Michelle, and I were talking about this on our morning walk yesterday and I was like, anytime someone says happy holidays to me, I’m going to respond w/Merry Christmas (Not that I particularly hate the phrase Happy Holidays, I’m just gonna do everything to keep Christ in it).  So God gave me a chance yesterday at the post office and I missed it.  This guy walks in just as I’m walking out and says “hey babe”,  so I’m just gonna ignore him and then he says “happy Holidays” and I say “thanks, same to you” as a flee his presence.  Arrrgh!  What happened to “Merrry Christmas”.   

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