Sunday December 11, 2005


I’ve just recently developed the ability to be able to function on 6 or 7 hrs of sleep (disregard previous comment.  The experiement wasn’t completed in its entirety).  And it’s really frustrating, cause everyone else around here thinks they still need 9 or 10.  So, here it is, 11 o’clock and everyone’s practically in bed but me.  And I don’t have to get up till 7:20 tomorrow, so I could go till 1:00.  Hmmmmm, maybe I’ll work on my Europe album.  Granted, one unfortunate person has to get up at 2ish tomorrow morning.  Sorry about his luck.

So now I have to decide. . .  Do I continue to ramble here, or do I head straight to my scrapbook?  Such difficult decisions.   O.K., I decided.  I will ramble a bit.

Friday evening I decided to have four of my youth girls over-night.  Crazy fun times.  Made candle’s, ate chips and salsa and cookies, played chase the rat, annoyed the other girls in my apartment. . . oh, what else.  And poor Rose had to crawl out of bed at 1:00 am to tell my girls to be quiet (they had woken her up) while I continued to “sleep” in her top bunk.  Thankfully they didn’t keep anyone else up. 

Saturday went to hear the Vienna Choir Boys.  I was in awe.  They were good, the conductor/piana player was amazing, the songs were delightful, and the auditorium was “WOW”.  Back to the girls apartment for pizza and random fellowship.  (I randomly like to use the word random). 

Today “someone” had this crazy idea to go out in this blitzen cold weather to take single staff pictures (I randomly like to use quotation marks, also).  And I, even I, am beginning to feel like this picture taking business is getting a little bit out of hand.  It was all good, though, and I think we got some decent “random” shots.  Christmas caroling tonight.  Fun, cold, entertaining.  Keith and Tiffany were both in my group and they get along soo well, that it doesn’t get boring.  And then Sheileka was also in my group and she’s just histerical.

So anyways, it’s now 11:20 and I think I’ll sign off.  Later.



  1. dreamwings  •  Dec 11, 2005 @11:25 pm

    lucy remember this “sorry” “i love you” ? lol. thanks for the pick me up on the phone. at the risk of sounding tacky, sisters are great. love you m

  2. word_paintings  •  Dec 11, 2005 @11:44 pm

    no lucy, your using it wrong. think of the video clip i took of you singing….all comes from the same place.

  3. dreamwings  •  Dec 11, 2005 @11:45 pm

    sorry^wrong site.

  4. Anonymous  •  Dec 12, 2005 @11:06 am

    Thanks for the sympathy.  I can just feel it.  :-)

  5. iheartMrYoder  •  Dec 12, 2005 @11:08 am

    did i never mention we were coming out? yeah it was a very quick weekend… lots of fun though… would have been even more fun if i would have gotten to see you…

  6. Anonymous  •  Dec 12, 2005 @6:03 pm

    Lucy, did I ever tell you that you are random???  :-)  Great post!  See you next Tuesday or Wendesday?  I forget which day it is… oh, yeah it’s Friday, right?  I need to write this in my planner so I don’t forget it…. otherwise you’ll show up and totaly surprise me….. that’s cool tooo though!

  7. myfrey  •  Dec 13, 2005 @1:07 pm

    Start working up an appetite for the banquet!  Have a great day and I will c-ya tomorrow!

    P.S. Would you mind giving me your extra sleep that you don’t need?  I could use some right now!

  8. Anonymous  •  Dec 13, 2005 @1:21 pm

    Hey, girl! I keep randomly finding your site, and wanted to say Hi! Keep serving God with all your heart in Philly! What a blessing….

  9. xSoMuch_4My_HappyEndingx  •  Dec 13, 2005 @7:34 pm

    yeah i’m ready to come home and back to philly!!!!

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