Sunday December 18, 2005


My what a week.  The funeral was here on Friday so plenty of work this week.  I think it was on Thursday when I was at Peg’s filling out invitations for the funeral when it hit me that this guy was about my age.  He was 25.  So tragic. 

His little girl sat with me during the viewing and was about besides herself w/grief.  She tried so hard to be strong, but it was too much for her little heart to bear.  She actually talked during sharing time, her brave self.  Talked about the last time she saw her daddy. 

This situation has given me a deeper burden for my girls.  I just wish I could make the decision for them.  I wish I could show them how serious life is and that they have to make a choice.  We can’t just be good people and expect to get to heaven. 



  1. beckyfox  •  Dec 18, 2005 @3:48 pm

    God bless you as you’re a friend to the hurting family!

  2. Anonymous  •  Dec 18, 2005 @11:05 pm

    hey, I’m sorry to hear about Peg’s son , God bless you as you grieve with them.  

  3. dreamwings  •  Dec 18, 2005 @11:10 pm

    same to you my dear.

  4. dreamwings  •  Dec 18, 2005 @11:11 pm

    okay, i was hoping to make it go on 11:11. didnt work.

  5. iheartMrYoder  •  Dec 19, 2005 @10:53 am

    sounds like your a real help to that family though… God bless you… you are doing such a great job.

  6. travelingon  •  Dec 20, 2005 @7:34 am

    sorry to hear about u’re friends brother. sounds like u are being a true friend tho and God is using! blessings to u!

  7. Anonymous  •  Dec 20, 2005 @5:41 pm

    Hey talk to me about Friday sometime soon!

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