Thursday December 29, 2005


Things I did this week that I loved:

-Had Kimmy, Nana, and Mya over-night last-night and after games, food, braids, and crazy times, we didn’t even need the sleeping pills.  Everyone chilled and went right to sleep.  (Thank You Jesus).

-Chilled w/country visitors at Old City Pizza, Independence Hall, the park, and the game room.  Carmen, your friends are great, hilarious, crazy.  

-Visited dear friends – Ginger and Jolynn.

-Hung out w/family and laughed histerically about spilled water and other crazy things.

-Went shopping at the mall and bought myself a Christmas present.

-Rearranged the family room.  (I have an obsessiong with re-arranging furnitre.  My bedroom has had many different looks in the past two years that I’ve resided here.)

-Started working on the puzzle that I got from my parents.


Things I did this week that I didn’t love:

-Said good-bye to family (I hate, hate, hate that).

-Cleaned the bathroom.

-Spent 17 dollars just to park in C.C. for under 2 hours.  (crazy, crazy, crazy.  Didn’t come out of my pocket, but still inecredibly annoying.  It’s robbery, pure robbery.)


Things I’m looking forward too:

-Spending time w/Kishwer of whom I could count on one finger how many times I’ve seen her in the last two months.

-Chillen w/some of the youth girls tomorrow.

-Volley-ball Saturday afternoon.

-Spending New Years Eve w/dear friends who I haven’t seen for awhile.  Can’t wait to catch up.

-Seeing my family for a teeny teeny bit Sunday morning, before I dash back to the city.


YES!!  The good out weighs the bad.  That must mean that over-all, I’m having a good week.   Later.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous  •  Dec 29, 2005 @9:11 pm

    Is it too personal to tell me what you bought yourself for Christmas?:)

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