Thursday December 29, 2005


Do you ever just feel. . . disturbed?  So I was on the phone, having a conversation all alone in my apartment around 10:30ish, when I heard noises downstairs.  Didn’t get too concerned about it till I heard noises right outside my door.  Still on the phone, I sneaked to the door and peeked out to discover that it was just Jeanette.  Siigghh.  But she was also disturbed about the noises downstairs.  Upon further discussion, while my fellow conversationalist “holded”, Jeanette concluded that it was probably Galen taking the trash out cause tomorrow is Friday.  So after such a disturbing evening, I didn’t get to work on my puzzle much.  O.k., so it was the phone conversation that took me away from my puzzle.  Not really the intruder.  I think, I’ll take my disturbed self to bed. 

Do you think my new favorite word is disturbed?



  1. dreamwings  •  Dec 29, 2005 @11:51 pm

    love you. you inspire me! i was just sitting here feeling sorry for myself cause of not getting anymore comments, and not feeling like updating, and all that other stuff, when i click on what says “3 dreams” and guess what? 5 came up. 2 very dear tacky-like comments from my dearest sister in the whole wide world.  and i am so there for the many minutes of catch-up. even if we dont get much un–disturbed sleep. lata. m

  2. dreamwings  •  Dec 29, 2005 @11:53 pm

    if i paint my face green and wear a spinning helicopter thingy on my head, will i finally reach your level of tackiness?

  3. myfrey  •  Dec 30, 2005 @8:06 am

    As for work, we are trying to get things wrapped up for 2005.  And Michele has been doing o.k. She was out on tues.  Her stomach didn’t like what she fed it on mon. nite?  Let’s see – what was ? #3.  Oh, yes, the only plans we have right now for new year’s is to work on the house.  We have been staining the interior doors the last couple of nights.  And they just called that our trim is ready.  Will probably pick that up tom. morning.  Do you have any exciting plans for new year’s?  Hope you have a great one!  Luv, your sis

  4. myfrey  •  Dec 30, 2005 @10:26 am

    Did you ever figure out what “the sound in the night” was?  Just curious, since your speculation proved wrong!

  5. Anonymous  •  Jan 1, 2006 @9:27 pm

    Have a great week!  Anything special happening?

  6. Anonymous  •  Jan 2, 2006 @2:17 pm

    Sorry I forgot about the hrs.  Best time to call him is between 1 and 5 p.m. except on Weds.  Do you need his phone # too?:)

  7. carsto_girl  •  Jan 2, 2006 @11:16 pm

    hey i’m ready to hang tomorrow nite!!! am i to bring anything? tell this weather to stop. my shoulder is killing me!!! and that makes me feel old. it stinks. it’s disterbing. (thought i would use ur word) lol. i’ll go yell at galen to stop being such a disturbance. (; little angel me.

  8. travelingon  •  Jan 4, 2006 @8:42 am

    disturbance???? never heard of it!!!:) this place could possibly have that as a middle name!! not quite that bad but u gotta hate the phone and intercom. anyhoo have a great day!

  9. krparson  •  Jan 7, 2006 @8:57 pm

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