Tuesday December 13, 2005


Please pray for Peg.  Monday night her son was killed. 

Jesus, we need strength.

Pray that she would not become bitter, and that we could be strong for her.



  1. carsto_girl  •  Dec 14, 2005 @6:58 pm

    is this jamie were talking about or her son? i’ll b praying.

  2. Anonymous  •  Dec 14, 2005 @7:08 pm

    Awe, I feel so sad for her.  She doesn’t deseve that!  How’s your week going?

  3. carsto_girl  •  Dec 15, 2005 @2:32 pm

    that is really sad. i will definatly be praying. man is that crazy. for real. i can’t imagine. ttul

  4. iheartMrYoder  •  Dec 16, 2005 @8:40 pm

    i will pray… so sad.

  5. Anonymous  •  Dec 16, 2005 @10:04 pm

    Glad you made it back to the city safe & sound Wed eve.  Hope your week is going o.k.  When will you be out for Christmas? Love, Christine

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