Tuesday December 20, 2005


This picture just cracks me up.  Check-out the headless man standing behind Rose. 

Much better.  Everyone’s heads are in place.  Monday night we went to Rittenhouse Square and other random places in the city to enjoy Christmas lights.

City Hall.  Some brilliant person, added color to City Hall w/projectors.  Pretty incredible I think.  If Denise knew who it was, I’m sure she would salute his brilliance.


Random today moments:

-Bought something I regreted as soon as I got to the check-out.

-Didn’t buy something I wished I would have.

-Read “Good-night Moon” twice cause I had to give it back to Ms. Marty.   (warm fuzzies of Indiana and Chiara)

-Contemplated hurling poinsettia’s at people.

-Found an insurance bill that I had forgotten.  Due date 12-21-05.  Thank goodness for debit cards and money in the bank.

-organized my life (so previous doesn’t happen again).

-talked to my sister and got excited about the weekend.






  1. Anonymous  •  Dec 20, 2005 @11:35 pm

    Was I gonna be on the other end of that poinsettia and didn’t realize it?  Hope not. 

  2. Anonymous  •  Dec 21, 2005 @8:29 am

    Do I need to bring Goodnight Moon along? :)

  3. myfrey  •  Dec 21, 2005 @8:33 am

    Hey, I like the single staff picture!  : )  Have a great day!  c-ya on Friday?

  4. carsto_girl  •  Dec 21, 2005 @11:00 am

    oh dear…flying poinsettias…is it time for a break again? meza me!! hey tuesday is on if u r. i am really exsited about it. party time. it seems like it’s been awhile. peace and love. oh and by the way there is always the counter where you can take it back and get, guess what!? your money back…it’s the coolest thing. i so luv doing that. i buy stuff just to get money from that counter…

  5. Anonymous  •  Dec 21, 2005 @7:07 pm

    YOur posts have been so cute lately.  I feel like my life is so boring and nothing cool happpens that’s worth sharing on xanga.  Anyhow, Great pics! ~jo

  6. dreamwings  •  Dec 22, 2005 @1:36 pm

    so you now think you are unconventionl? (noted from gmemerick) just trying to be like some other ppl? j/k saw the word and was thinking bout our “talk”. cant wait till tomorrow! later. m

  7. dreamwings  •  Dec 22, 2005 @1:37 pm

    PS i found like 3pr of your tommy socks. i’ll trade you them for my scarf. please, pretty please?

  8. iheartMrYoder  •  Dec 22, 2005 @6:07 pm

    those are some nice pictrues… look all christmasy! can’t wait! have a great one…

  9. beckyfox  •  Dec 22, 2005 @10:49 pm

    you’ve been tagged.

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