Wednesday December 7, 2005


In recent Days I learned:

-My sister cannot do a good piano imitation.
-No matter how good the cookies look, if they have whole raisins in them, they aren’t.  (Not yours, mom.  They were o.k.)
-Soda is incredibly bad for you.  Diet, even worse.
-I have the self-discipline of a rat.  (not sure how much they have, but I can imagine, not very much).
-Snow falling, lights, and Center City make an awesome combination.
-Zuanquay still listens on me if I use my loudest most intimidating voice.
-My brother believed in evolution at one time.  “But the science book says we came from monkeys.”
-I don’t survive too well on 6 or 7 hours of sleep a night.
-In the last twelve years, I have doubled my age.
-Winter is really really cold.



  1. myfrey  •  Dec 7, 2005 @12:09 pm

    Very interesting list.  Totally agree w/you on the first one!  Have a great one and I will see you on next Wed. 

  2. Anonymous  •  Dec 7, 2005 @12:30 pm

    How bout if you take someone’s jacket and keys that the consequences might make u wish u didn’t. And if your person isn’t involved it is still your responsibility to warn your friends/roommates/people of the looming danger!

  3. iheartMrYoder  •  Dec 7, 2005 @3:14 pm

    i love your lists… yeah i’m feeling kinda better… thanks for the get well wishes…

  4. travelingon  •  Dec 7, 2005 @5:06 pm

    hey those pics looke like lots of fun!! u’re list looks interesting. winter is cold???!!! really?:) anyway this woman needs to get supper on for the men around this place! have a great night!

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