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Saturday January 28, 2006


Birthdays – definitely the death of my diet.  Breakfast at Ihop w/just Jeanette and Denise, I thought.  The host asks us how many and Jeanette says “6”.  But there’s only three of us.  “6?”  I ask.  “Who else is coming?”  I happened to glance behind me at the door and in walks my mom and Yvonne and Michele.  Oh, my word, the shock.  So I give them hugs and continue to gush and ramble, like I do when I’m surprised and don’t know what to do with myself.  (I don’t handle surprises very well).  Had a delicious breakfast of eggs, sausage, hash browns, and toast.  Then, when we left the restraurant, my sister surprises me w/an amazing gift – A pecan pie!!!  Finally, I received the gift I’ve been hinting at for years.  And it was good.  My sister knows how to make a bangin’ pecan pie.  And no, I didn’t eat the whole thing.  Gotta spread out the pleasure a bit.  Then the guys invited us to dinner in their apartment – Pizza (made by Galen or Germantown?  or does Galen work at Germantown?), chips, brownies, and milkshakes.  Man my day revolved around food.  Even went grocery shopping today.  Yeah, the diet definitely died today.  And all the sudden I’m feaking out about the amount of time we spend on food – eating it, preparing it, planning it, thinking about it, buying it.  Maybe dreamwings (er, I mean Michele) would be able to put her amazing math and calculating skills to work for me and figure out how much time it really is.  It’s not entirely a waste, though.  I mean think about how unspecial my birthday would have been with out food.  Eating is really a social thing.  And even grocery shopping can be time well spent.  (Can’t figure out a good reason yet, but I’m sure there are some).  So anyways, really, enough about the food.  There were other cool things about my day.  Went to a thrift store and I found the game, rummikub, which I really love.  My mom and sisters hung around here till 1:30 and we socialized.  We played some inspiring games at the guys apartment after the food. 

And tomorrow I get to be on the road for 10 hours.     Wow, not sure how I feel about that.  I do like to travel, though.  And maybe it will be warm in Virginia.  Hmmm, maybe I should check out the weather for down there so I know how to dress.  I’m used to not knowing how to dress, though, cause the weather has been crazy here.  So if I’m not talking about food, I’m talking about weather.  I think its time for me to get off here.  Later.


Friday January 27, 2006


Today I left the house without my keys, for only the third time this week.  What is my problem.  Thank goodness Jeanette was usually available to throw keys out the 2nd story window for me.  It must be this getting old business.  And speaking of getting old, I sorta like birthdays.  All the cards and gifts.  I can do without the cake and candles though, ahhhhemm.  Thanks, mom, for blessing me with my favorite childrens book.     And, Michele, you did great on the book selection.  Totally made me laugh.  I was taping names on chairs (for choir) and Katrina was pulling them out one by one for me and I was having fits till she finally pulled out the Dee Henderson one.  It was like Christmas in January when Katrina arrived last-night.   


Wednesday January 25, 2006


Good-morning, world!

Sometimes when I stick my head out the window, or step out my front door, I just feel like saying that.  Especially, on Sunny, beautiful sky, days like today.  Got my early morning walk in w/Norma.  Walked a new street, which caused me to be late for staff meeting.  We always walk slower on new streets.  So much to check out.  I’d love to live on that side of Girard, if I could afford it.

I’m doing a van route on Tuesday nights right now.  Filling in for Rose.  So far I’ve been likeing it.  Not a very full van and Derek is on my van so it tends to be entertaining.  Last-night he was telling me about some scary movies he watched.   I told him I think I’d better supply him w/some none scary ones.  He’s so funny.  I could listen to him talk for almost all day. 

A verse I stumbled across lately that I really like is Isa. 30:21. 
 Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” Whenever you turn to the right hand Or whenever you turn to the left.   
Now if it would just be an audible voice.  Sometimes I wish God would hand me the script, so I knew what my next line was. 



Sunday January 22, 2006


So Friday night I got out and enjoyed the city a little bit.  Keith came home (home?) for the weekend, so J-net, Galen, him and I went into center city.  Parked our beat-up little station wagon amongst the higher class of society and then first stop was Starbucks.  Good Java chip, good conversation.  Then someone got this brilliant idea to take the subway out to 69th street.  I’d never been there before and something I’ve talked about doing for a long time.  Everything was closed due to the late hour, but we still walked and looked.  Now I have to go back again sometime.  I wish I’d take the time to do that more.  There is so much to see and do here.  Jerek told me earlier today in a very smart “i’m better then you” kind of tone, “You never saw the liberty bell.”  How did he know that I haven’t seen it other then thru the window?  That little four year old gets out more then me.

Saturday was evaluation meeting.  Long, but always good to evaluate our activities and figure out whats next.   Youth night in the evening.  Fun, stressful, and exhausting.  Maybe it was more stressful due to the visit to the cemetary earlier in the afternoon with two of the youth girls.  Cemetary’s are not fun places to visit.  At least it was warm and mild and not bitterly cold like last January when we buried her.   

Today I went out and walked Kelly Drive w/a bunch of country girls that were here and Denise.  Just wish the weather would have been more like yesterday.  The guys and Shannons came over to our apartment this evening for food, games, and socializing.  And Keith got me with his stupid bug in a box.  I forgot how it is to constantly watch my every move when Keith’s around. 

And currently it has begun to rain which I’m kinda not in the mood for.   Later.


Wednesday January 18, 2006


I finished my puzzle!!! 

Do you ever feel at odds w/the world?  Like, there’s so much resistence and so many things trying to rob you of peace.  You take two steps forward and get pushed back one or maybe even three.  And then I remember the words of my dear friend.  I wasn’t made for this world – this world of hatred and conflict.  And I’m going to a better place.  Can’t wait!


Sunday January 15, 2006


Had a group of 14 students from SM here this weekend.  I think the idea was that they would get a bit of a taste of mission life in the city.  But I think more then anything, I was blessed this weekend.  They were such an encouragement to me and the Lord knows I take all the encouragement I can get.  Inspiring Devotional and Sunday School Class this morning.  They had an energy and passion for people that blessed me. 

Not much else to talk about here, unless we talk about the weather.  Winter has indeed returned.  Snow and wind last-night. 

And now my Sunday afternoon has disapeared “in the blink of an eye” like they often do.  Maybe I’ll go catch a bit of sleep yet before church at 6:30. 

Wish you all a week filled w/multiple blessings.  Later. 


Monday January 9, 2006


Today was an “almost one of my best days” type of day.  Started it out right w/an early morning walk with Norma.  Early, as in, 8 o’clock.  But hey, that means getting up shortly after 7:00 so I have time to get ready and be at Norma’s by 8:00.  She lives a whole 2 and a half blocks away, you know.  And we’re doing it again tomorrow. 

Actually, there really wasn’t anything that spectacular about today, so I’m not sure why it made the “almost” catergory.  Staff meeting like usual and it was actually kinda boring.  Except for little Bradley, who did a good job of entertaining me.  Or did I entertain him?  Hmmm, I think it goes both ways.  Staff lunch after staff meeting (our usual Monday left-overs), and then in the afternoon I went to Norma’s place to do some ironing for her (my Christmas gift to her – always fun to hang out with her).   Homework club at 3:25 and I even took on a new girl.  Her name is Destiny and I don’t even know her, but she’s in the same class as the other girls I have, so I figured it shouldn’t be to difficult to add another one. 

And then this evening, Sheanise came over.  I haven’t spent much time w/her lately, and I had an unplanned evening, so when she called asking for help w/a school project, I happily agreed. 

My “almost best day”,  just about became an “almost very bad day”  when I went on-line, just a few minutes ago, to check out car insurance quotes for the city here.  Ouch!  Double Ouch!  Almost 5 times what I’m paying to keep it in the country.  I think if I’d actually call my agent, I’d get a better quote, but right now I’m thinking things like impossible and bankruptcy and “I HATE INSURANCE” and “I’ll just take the bus, thank you”. 

Later, Lucy


Friday January 6, 2006

In the last hour and a half, I managed to make aprox 8lbs of taco/bar-b-que/chili, make 2 batches of cheese sauce, fold 2 loads of laundry, and clean up some dishes.  Should I get a domestic award or what?  And I even managed to eat a few oreo’s.  Imagine that.  Sigh.  Now I’m ready for bed, but I still have some dishes to do.  Double sigh.
Good week, but so glad it’s drawing to a close.  And as I write, that, I wonder why I so badly want this week to end.  I’ve come to realize lately, that I’m always rushing things.  When it’s summer I can’t wait for fall, when it’s winter I can’t wait for spring.  When it’s Thursday I can’t wait for the week to be over.  What is my problem?  I need to quit wishing my life away.  I’m gonna be forty, before I’m even half done w/my list. 
Hung out w/Kishwer tonight.  So much fun.  Hadn’t really connected w/her since the beginning of October and I realized that it’s gonna take way more then one evening to catch up.  So we’re gonna go out for coffee and maybe ice-skating next week.  She made dinner tonight.   Awesome food, inspirational conversation w/her intelligent brother Koshif.  Found out that his one best friend is my cousin whom I don’t know.  Freaky having relatives out there that I know nothing about.  Makes me wonder if they’re anything like me.  Sorta have my color hair but that’s all I can tell by looking at the pictures.  The one is supposedly an independent thinker (according to Kosh), so I’m pretty sure we’re nothing alike.  Maybe I should just go across the river and pay my cousins a visit.  Or. . . maybe not.  I hate meeting stangers, even if they’re family.   Anyways, it was a good thing the brothers left, that way we girls could talk about shopping, exchange recipes, and gossip.  Sike!  That is totally not what we did, but it was good to spend quality girl time together. 
Must go.  Later. 

Wednesday January 4, 2006


For some reason, good-bye’s seem much more real when sending someone off on the train.

I’m gonna miss you, Carmen.  Thanks for spending the day w/me. 

Not much else to say.  Thought things were gonna calm down after the holidays, but it’s looking pretty busy.  I guess it doesn’t help w/staff missing.  Rose and Keith have traveled off to distant lands for the time being.  And Duane flies back home tomorrow after being in Texas for a week. 

And winter’s getting to be long.  I wish we’d get two nice big snow storms and then spring could come. 

Walked the track tonight – 8 laps.  Four w/Tahnay, four w/Michelle and Norma. 

In other news, Carmen and I heard repeated gunshots close by, this morning, we thought.  Everything seemed pretty calm when we headed out a couple minutes later, so I’m not sure what we were hearing.  Carmen thought it was a 9mm something, something,  but she really doesn’t know what she’s talking about. 

Must go.  It’s been a long week.  Is it really only Wednesday?