Friday January 6, 2006

In the last hour and a half, I managed to make aprox 8lbs of taco/bar-b-que/chili, make 2 batches of cheese sauce, fold 2 loads of laundry, and clean up some dishes.  Should I get a domestic award or what?  And I even managed to eat a few oreo’s.  Imagine that.  Sigh.  Now I’m ready for bed, but I still have some dishes to do.  Double sigh.
Good week, but so glad it’s drawing to a close.  And as I write, that, I wonder why I so badly want this week to end.  I’ve come to realize lately, that I’m always rushing things.  When it’s summer I can’t wait for fall, when it’s winter I can’t wait for spring.  When it’s Thursday I can’t wait for the week to be over.  What is my problem?  I need to quit wishing my life away.  I’m gonna be forty, before I’m even half done w/my list. 
Hung out w/Kishwer tonight.  So much fun.  Hadn’t really connected w/her since the beginning of October and I realized that it’s gonna take way more then one evening to catch up.  So we’re gonna go out for coffee and maybe ice-skating next week.  She made dinner tonight.   Awesome food, inspirational conversation w/her intelligent brother Koshif.  Found out that his one best friend is my cousin whom I don’t know.  Freaky having relatives out there that I know nothing about.  Makes me wonder if they’re anything like me.  Sorta have my color hair but that’s all I can tell by looking at the pictures.  The one is supposedly an independent thinker (according to Kosh), so I’m pretty sure we’re nothing alike.  Maybe I should just go across the river and pay my cousins a visit.  Or. . . maybe not.  I hate meeting stangers, even if they’re family.   Anyways, it was a good thing the brothers left, that way we girls could talk about shopping, exchange recipes, and gossip.  Sike!  That is totally not what we did, but it was good to spend quality girl time together. 
Must go.  Later. 


  1. krparson  •  Jan 8, 2006 @8:39 pm

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  2. dreamwings  •  Jan 8, 2006 @9:11 pm

    lucy if it can be like we discussed, yep i’ll be there. we’ll talk details. m

  3. Anonymous  •  Jan 8, 2006 @11:37 pm

    Yeah I would like to. Not sure about the other occupant or occupants of 1342. Will check tomorrow.

  4. dreamwings  •  Jan 9, 2006 @11:13 am

    N.O.M. is cool w/me. get to enter the realm of tackiness! *jumps up and down w/glee* :) m

  5. myfrey  •  Jan 9, 2006 @12:08 pm

    Sound like you been a busy lady!  Did you eat some potatoe bar for me?  Reading your post almost made me hungry!  Hope you have a great day!  Later

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