Saturday January 28, 2006


Birthdays – definitely the death of my diet.  Breakfast at Ihop w/just Jeanette and Denise, I thought.  The host asks us how many and Jeanette says “6”.  But there’s only three of us.  “6?”  I ask.  “Who else is coming?”  I happened to glance behind me at the door and in walks my mom and Yvonne and Michele.  Oh, my word, the shock.  So I give them hugs and continue to gush and ramble, like I do when I’m surprised and don’t know what to do with myself.  (I don’t handle surprises very well).  Had a delicious breakfast of eggs, sausage, hash browns, and toast.  Then, when we left the restraurant, my sister surprises me w/an amazing gift – A pecan pie!!!  Finally, I received the gift I’ve been hinting at for years.  And it was good.  My sister knows how to make a bangin’ pecan pie.  And no, I didn’t eat the whole thing.  Gotta spread out the pleasure a bit.  Then the guys invited us to dinner in their apartment – Pizza (made by Galen or Germantown?  or does Galen work at Germantown?), chips, brownies, and milkshakes.  Man my day revolved around food.  Even went grocery shopping today.  Yeah, the diet definitely died today.  And all the sudden I’m feaking out about the amount of time we spend on food – eating it, preparing it, planning it, thinking about it, buying it.  Maybe dreamwings (er, I mean Michele) would be able to put her amazing math and calculating skills to work for me and figure out how much time it really is.  It’s not entirely a waste, though.  I mean think about how unspecial my birthday would have been with out food.  Eating is really a social thing.  And even grocery shopping can be time well spent.  (Can’t figure out a good reason yet, but I’m sure there are some).  So anyways, really, enough about the food.  There were other cool things about my day.  Went to a thrift store and I found the game, rummikub, which I really love.  My mom and sisters hung around here till 1:30 and we socialized.  We played some inspiring games at the guys apartment after the food. 

And tomorrow I get to be on the road for 10 hours.     Wow, not sure how I feel about that.  I do like to travel, though.  And maybe it will be warm in Virginia.  Hmmm, maybe I should check out the weather for down there so I know how to dress.  I’m used to not knowing how to dress, though, cause the weather has been crazy here.  So if I’m not talking about food, I’m talking about weather.  I think its time for me to get off here.  Later.



  1. krparson  •  Jan 29, 2006 @5:17 pm

    Hope you had great b-day. I think it is hust my computer that makes all that stuff pop up. Later, Kwammaine
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  2. dreamwings  •  Jan 29, 2006 @6:58 pm

    lu if you dont like it, just change it back to “create custom header”  :love: m

  3. Anonymous  •  Jan 29, 2006 @9:25 pm

    A very, merry birthday to you, Lucy Lou!!!!  Can’t wait till I come down again!!! :fun:

  4. beckyfox  •  Jan 30, 2006 @11:27 am

    Sounds like a fun fun birthday!  :sunny:  Glad you got suprised!

  5. myfrey  •  Jan 30, 2006 @11:48 am

    How was your trip to Va?  Did you get back real late?  So glad we were able to surprise you!  How was your B-day supper – did they have any more surprises for you?  BTW, Mom and I thougth we might have to spend a day down there just to go thrift store shopping.  We were pretty excited about the bargains we found!  Have a great day! :sunny: Luv

  6. myfrey  •  Jan 30, 2006 @2:24 pm

    No plans at this time – Mom just mentioned it to me yesterday, and I totally agreed w/her.

  7. Anonymous  •  Jan 31, 2006 @11:06 am

    Hey don’t work to hard. How wuz the train ride? And this text is really small. Is that to keep the sight-impaired people away?

  8. Anonymous  •  Jan 31, 2006 @7:15 pm

    did u get my message the other nite? just wanted to chat w/ ya again.  missed u all-of-a-sudden :(  😮 forward to starbucks like crazy! :yes::spinning:

  9. Anonymous  •  Feb 1, 2006 @8:37 pm

    oh thank u 4 the comment.  i was begining 2 think that 4got bout me… ur not allowed 2 do soo :nono:  j/k!  i totaly understand bout not havin’ time….  so much to say, can’t wait:fun:

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