Sunday January 15, 2006


Had a group of 14 students from SM here this weekend.  I think the idea was that they would get a bit of a taste of mission life in the city.  But I think more then anything, I was blessed this weekend.  They were such an encouragement to me and the Lord knows I take all the encouragement I can get.  Inspiring Devotional and Sunday School Class this morning.  They had an energy and passion for people that blessed me. 

Not much else to talk about here, unless we talk about the weather.  Winter has indeed returned.  Snow and wind last-night. 

And now my Sunday afternoon has disapeared “in the blink of an eye” like they often do.  Maybe I’ll go catch a bit of sleep yet before church at 6:30. 

Wish you all a week filled w/multiple blessings.  Later. 



  1. dreamwings  •  Jan 16, 2006 @12:33 pm

    you’re on your way to see me! cant wait to fuss! m

  2. myfrey  •  Jan 16, 2006 @1:31 pm

    C-ya tomorrow!  Hope you had a fun day being off from your normal activities.

  3. Anonymous  •  Jan 16, 2006 @9:18 pm

    Ha Ha u are so funny. I am getting copies of someone else’s pics so you hopefully will be satisfied. And I’ll try to make sure you are amoung the first to see them. :-)

  4. Anonymous  •  Jan 17, 2006 @8:14 am

    Yeah,……. you guessed it.  :-(  But what about this weekend?  Like I could come after my v-ball game friday….  We need to talk, but I’m not up for a phone call lately cause I don’t have the best sounding voice for moble to moble right now.  I’ve been fighting a cold real bad the past 3 days.  Had off school and everything yesterday and now today too.  But I’ll get in touch w/ ya soon!

  5. myfrey  •  Jan 18, 2006 @8:24 am

    Have a super day! 

  6. baileyandme  •  Jan 18, 2006 @1:25 pm

    hey lucy,

    no shes still kicking here in ohio but her computer cord or something is broke. i enjoy telling her how behind she is on xanga and how much is new… =) she would love to be back but they never get their computer fixed…

    ill tell her you asked…

  7. myfrey  •  Jan 18, 2006 @3:16 pm

    Thinking of you today & praying for you and your work in Phila.  Just encourage you to let God be your guide as you go thru each day and face what each day brings your way.  Luv ya

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