Wednesday January 4, 2006


For some reason, good-bye’s seem much more real when sending someone off on the train.

I’m gonna miss you, Carmen.  Thanks for spending the day w/me. 

Not much else to say.  Thought things were gonna calm down after the holidays, but it’s looking pretty busy.  I guess it doesn’t help w/staff missing.  Rose and Keith have traveled off to distant lands for the time being.  And Duane flies back home tomorrow after being in Texas for a week. 

And winter’s getting to be long.  I wish we’d get two nice big snow storms and then spring could come. 

Walked the track tonight – 8 laps.  Four w/Tahnay, four w/Michelle and Norma. 

In other news, Carmen and I heard repeated gunshots close by, this morning, we thought.  Everything seemed pretty calm when we headed out a couple minutes later, so I’m not sure what we were hearing.  Carmen thought it was a 9mm something, something,  but she really doesn’t know what she’s talking about. 

Must go.  It’s been a long week.  Is it really only Wednesday? 




  1. Anonymous  •  Jan 4, 2006 @11:49 pm

    Yea I’m in a different time zone.  Its actually a cooler time zone and all that too!  Maybe some day I’ll let u visit.  :-)

  2. myfrey  •  Jan 5, 2006 @7:52 am

    Hey, thanx for the comment.  I think I’m slowly getting rid of this cold.  It probably doesn’t help that I’m not getting my sleep like I should.  Anyway, have a super great day!  Luv ya, your sis

    P.S. Stay out of “de Nile” :)

  3. dreamwings  •  Jan 5, 2006 @7:37 pm

    my dear, that would be a pic of some lovely ramen. do you not know what ramen noodles look like? as far as the cabin, the jury is still out, but its looking favorable. m

  4. Anonymous  •  Jan 5, 2006 @11:02 pm

    hey lucy! sure! that would be awesome, just let me know when  you would like to go =)

    yea i should come on a tuesday night sometime. i miss you too. its been like forever since i saw you!

    <3 samantha

  5. carsto_girl  •  Jan 5, 2006 @11:09 pm

    glock 9mm. karate. tiger man. man u make me want to cry. that is just so sweet. i had a great time. but we really should have come up with sum codes woman. “oh look, i can pull out the table thingy.” ha ha. i love you girl and thanks for showing me that picture. lol. it acually turned out very well. i shoulda had my bling bling showing though. (= oh well. my train ride was alot of fun although it was mostly spent in getting josh hooked up. but he was crackin me up so bad for real. i love you lucy lu. c u saturday with my perposely left cell phone charger. lol.

  6. Anonymous  •  Jan 6, 2006 @5:07 pm

    hey thanks for your opinon on the shoes.  I think i might wait till i go to **** cause then i might be into getting a whole new wardrobe.  anyway, i hope things slow down for you soon that way you can get your nervous break down over with… :-)  Where did you send carmon off too? anyway?  Also I’m still planning on coming down to your hood the last of jan.  you can write it in pen for really.  was thinkin bout comin this wknd but my church has church sunday nite and it’s the chours’s first program and i was asked to be there by some friends in it.  anyway this ‘comment’ is turning into a regular ol’ ‘post’ if you ask me buy now.  but it’s kinda fun to ramble on and on on you site.  it makes you look really important!  n it makes me look like a real important person too on your behalf!  anywheny, have a goot veekent n cheer me ont in your heart tou nite!  mmmy gams at 6:45. later babe:-)

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