Wednesday February 22, 2006


Two days ago, every single one of my “6th Street family” was together for a couple hours.  Now. . .  it’s changed.  And life goes on and changes happen and there’s a lot of sadness but also a bit of joy in change.

And I wonder what God’s plans are for this place.  Wishing I could see the whole picture, but excited about just seeing the next scene in this thing we call life.



  1. myfrey  •  Feb 23, 2006 @8:27 am

    Explain please!:wha:  Have a great day!

  2. myfrey  •  Feb 23, 2006 @11:18 am

    Never mind!  Our sis explained it to me.  :giggle:

  3. Anonymous  •  Feb 24, 2006 @8:20 pm

    Yes you remembered correctly!  Have a great w-end!

  4. Anonymous  •  Feb 24, 2006 @8:21 pm

    Oh and did you recieve your latest purchase yet?

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