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Thursday March 23, 2006


Random Facts

This week:  I learned to knit

Yesterday:  I rearrainged my room and made room for a desk

Last night:  I went to a b-day party at an Italian Gelateria and had a gelato.

This morning:  I took a walk and saw a dumpster fire

Today:  I missed various people (my family, blue crew, carmen, other country friends)

This evening:  I drove to west philly and decided that I really like it over there and I love 30th street station.

TomorrowJolynn comes to visit.


P.S.  Pray for our neighborhood.  crazy stuffs been happening.  cop got hit by a car, shootings, police going this way and that way and the other way, too.  Even got the police helicopter circling in right on our block.  Springs just begun and it’s not even warm yet.  I guess if there’s police activity it doesn’t mean things are worse.  It just means that somethings happening about the badness.  Saw another undercover cop today.  For some reason, I’m so intrigued by them.