Thursday March 23, 2006


Random Facts

This week:  I learned to knit

Yesterday:  I rearrainged my room and made room for a desk

Last night:  I went to a b-day party at an Italian Gelateria and had a gelato.

This morning:  I took a walk and saw a dumpster fire

Today:  I missed various people (my family, blue crew, carmen, other country friends)

This evening:  I drove to west philly and decided that I really like it over there and I love 30th street station.

TomorrowJolynn comes to visit.


P.S.  Pray for our neighborhood.  crazy stuffs been happening.  cop got hit by a car, shootings, police going this way and that way and the other way, too.  Even got the police helicopter circling in right on our block.  Springs just begun and it’s not even warm yet.  I guess if there’s police activity it doesn’t mean things are worse.  It just means that somethings happening about the badness.  Saw another undercover cop today.  For some reason, I’m so intrigued by them. 



  1. myfrey  •  Mar 24, 2006 @7:49 am

    Way to go on the knitting!  One ? though – who’s the “blue crew”?  Have a superior weekend w/Jolynn.  C-ya:wave:

  2. travelingon  •  Mar 24, 2006 @9:09 am

    travels all done til i go home in two weeks!! i know i know, but Dad really wants me to come home so i guess i will go make him happy. i’m ready to go home since in all my travels i haven’t been there since August. when are u coming out here?????:)

    i envy u living in the city like that. i’m sure i’d get tired of it but i love the city and would enjoy living there at least for a while. have a great day!!

  3. Anonymous  •  Mar 24, 2006 @3:09 pm

    Knitting!  You mastered something I never did and wow you taught yourself!  That ? of our last phone call…..they were from York, Pa.  Have a great w-end.

  4. Anonymous  •  Mar 25, 2006 @10:15 am

    hey guess what?  Tomorrow already came and went!!!  :fun:  Ssssoooooo good to be here. :)  Appreciate the long talks….. :love:

  5. dreamwings  •  Mar 27, 2006 @12:05 am

    lu you’re awesome. love you. :heartbeat: m

  6. myfrey  •  Mar 27, 2006 @8:20 am

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that you don’t have to wait two weeks to see our place.  You can come at any time.  Have a great week!

  7. dreamwings  •  Mar 27, 2006 @9:50 am

    hey you, thought you might like to know that an ugly green cardigan came for you today. :) have a good one, see you tonight. m

  8. iheartMrYoder  •  Mar 27, 2006 @10:58 am

    thanks for the adresses… have a great monday..:(

  9. Anonymous  •  Mar 27, 2006 @8:33 pm

    Hey, how was your day?  I hope it was very rewarding!!!  :fun::sunny::goodjob::):yes::coolman:  Mine was.  I never know what to expect on these special days set aside.  I’ll have to tell you bout it….. :love:  ~later, jo*

  10. Anonymous  •  Mar 28, 2006 @7:11 pm

    i would e-mail you but i can’t on my weird puter.  n e way, i have a really excellent book i think you would enjoy reading sometime.  will hopefully finish it this wknd and give it to you friday! :fun:

    ~bookwormed in lancaster :shysmile:

  11. Anonymous  •  Mar 30, 2006 @11:36 pm

    hey fyi:  keep ur fone near by so i can call you sometime bout this wknd.  just wanna ask ya a few qs. :wha: 

    ~excited in lancaster! :fun::fun::fun::fun:

  12. carsto_girl  •  Mar 31, 2006 @12:07 pm

    I miss you too!!!!  i saw the picture of me a little late. :p ur very sweet to put that up. makes me feel very special. :heartbeat: i finally found some time to check out other peoples xanga sites. love you and can’t wait for may!!! 😆 this will be me when i c u. :wave: i love u girl! thanks for the tear jerker. 😥  ur special. :love:

  13. Anonymous  •  Apr 3, 2006 @6:44 pm

    r u trying to beat me w/ not updating the longest??  :wha: 

  14. dreamwings  •  Apr 3, 2006 @11:42 pm

    dont feel like leaving an enormous comment to explain april fools, i tell you on the phone or this w/end or something. but please my friend, UPDATE! “love you”  <— (get that?) m

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