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Saturday April 29, 2006


I’m on dog duty.  Sitting at the picnic table in the back yard, keeping an eye on Chloe.  Phil’s been getting up about every hour for the past number of nights, so I told him I’d keep an eye on her till 1:00am so he can get a few consecutive hours of sleep.  It actually hasn’t been that hard coming up with things to entertain myself with since everyone else headed to bed around 10:30.  And I’ve got some Bible Memory laying on the table next to me that I could be studying.  So enough of this.  Just 45 more minutes till I crawl into bed.   

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Sunday April 23, 2006


To update, or not to update.  That is the question.

Well, here goes…

Katrina came down this weekend and we worked our tails off and got choir all organized.  Plus we went out for lunch, did some shopping, and did some major catching up. 

Today we went and walked the Bridge.  (first time this yr, I think).  An SM missions involvement group was here and most of them and us went.  My, it was gorgeous.  I think I forgot.  I think I’m really excited about warm weather. 

Chloe still didn’t have her puppies.  So we continue to wait w/great anticipation.

I think Shannons currently getting the grill fired up.  We’re grillin and dining together tonight (the 7 of us that remain here at the complex).  Lots of people around this weekend and then, POOF, only 7 of us.

Wow, this is really boring.  I think I should have gone with the “not to update” option.

In other sad news, my favorite thrift store is closing (sob, sob, teardrop, teardrop).



Sunday April 16, 2006


  Had some bad experiences today.  First off, Denise had a bad idea of taking a nap on the roof.  It’s a black roof, and after sleeping for about an hour and a half, we looked a bit fried.  But the worst pain I’m experiencing is from yanking my arms out of there sockets when I attempted to come down off the roof.  It’s gonna be a long time before I attempt to go up there. 

But my pain is only physical.  Too many people dealing with incredible emotional pain.  I wish I could take away the pain of their hurting hearts. 


Wednesday April 12, 2006


“I have way more children then you do.”  Quote by a cute little four yr old about this crazy game called life.


You Know You’re From Philadelphia When…

You punctuate every sentence with, “You know” at least twice.

You want olive oil, not mayonnaise on your “hoagie”.

You hate the Redskins

You realize that your favorite dessert is “wooder ice”.

You find yourself using “yo” and “youse guys” when talking long-distance to family members.

You know how to spell Schuylkill.

You pronounce ACME “ACK-A-ME”.

You think that $2,500 a year for insurance on a 1977 Toyota Corolla is a bargain.

You find youself at a nice restaurant thinking “I wonder if they have cheese steaks?”

You sleep soundly through gunfire and ambulance sirens.

You visit New York and are impressed by how clean it is.

You can’t eat french fries without Cheese Whiz.

You call sprinkles on top of your ice cream cone “jimmies”.

You snub a cheese steak that isn’t on an Amoroso roll.

Your parents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles all live on the same block.

You can’t imagine lunch without a Tastycake.

You can make a cheese steak and you’ve never been taught

You’ve never been to the Liberty Bell, or the only time you were there was on a class trip in third grade.

You know what and where “Boathouse Row” is

You will buy a pretzel from anyone, anywhere without even thinking of where it was – or where his hands have been.

You don’t know what a sub is, but you think they are trying to describe an imitation HOAGIE.

You aren’t a bandwagon Sixers fan?you loved them when they sucked, and before they had A.I.

You go to The Gallery or South Street in the summer time just to chill.

You have the pizza place on speed dial.




Tuesday April 4, 2006


Time for an update.  Haven’t been feeling very writeish lately.  (still ain’t). 

The other weekend – Jolynn came, fun times to be had. 

The other weekend – Went to the Kimmel Center to hear a combination of choirs and orchestra’s from Temple U.  Interesting.  Fun cause I was with friends.

Last Thursday – Gave a choir program at Sunday Breakfast (a shelter).  A good experience, other then some kids being very freaked out and a man on the front row who added his halleluia’s to our song.  Don’t get me wrong, halleluia’s are great, just not when they mess with your timing. 

Last weekend – We staff went to Urban Workers Workshop at SMBI.  Heard some good stuff about spiritual warfare.  Definitely made me more aware and hopefully better prepared to fight it.

Last Sunday – Choir program at Fairview St Reading.  Some felt like they were in Philly except philly’s not built on a crazy hill.  We listened to Odyssey about the whole way home.  Tried to sleep, but Odyssey and some people were kinda distracting. 

Yesterday – My Homework club girls got done incredibly fast due to the fact that they were in competition to see who could do it the fastest, neatest, and quietest.  Whohoo!  I love competitions like that.  The “fastest” idea was theirs.  Neatest and quietest was mine.  Yea, for hard working girls. 

Last-night – Staff Activity.  Always a good time. Good food followed by a pool tournament.  We lost due to my amazing, bad shot.  Amazing, because I got the “8” ball in by shooting behind my back.  Bad, because I had called the wrong pocket. 

Today – I’m gonna finish my Bible Study lesson, go to the therapist (take someone, actually), and maybe houseclean my bedroom.  Hate cleaning, but it’s gotta be done.