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Tuesday June 27, 2006


Back from tour.  It was good, I think.  Very challenging.  Learned so much about relationships.  These kids teach me alot. 

The girls I was responsible for.

Chillin’ at Bald Eagle.  Got to see Gladys.  Happy, happy!

 Burning some energy.  “All in together, this is the kind of weather. . .”

 “Bind us together”

We were having some stressful moments at the park Saturday afternoon, attitudes and the such like, when I suddenly got inspired to teach the girls our “banana” chant from the BOB trip.  I grabbed my good friend Rose and we rounded up a few kids.  They loved it.  I heard it many times later in the weekend.  We then sang “Bind us together” and before we knew it, it was time to leave. 

(Michele, you and Carmen need to learn the banana chant).

 Life on the bus. 



Now I’m ready for about two weeks of normal life, before summer Bible school happens.


Sunday June 18, 2006


It’s catch up time.

So the other weekend I went on a canoe trip.

We set up tents with our hands tied together the first night.

We did it!  And had fun while doing it.  Made some great friends and some amazing memories.

Hanging out around the “bathtub”.  We mistakenly took this empty tote along on the trip.  It turned out to be pretty handy to throw last minute stuff in as we were packing.  I think we were all glad we had it.


The other, other weekend, I went to Colorado.

Beautiful country.

Had a wonderful traveling companion.

Visited and hung out with a dear dear friend.

Got to know some adorable kids.

And now I’m back in the city, still trying to get my bearing.  Working like crazy this week preparing for Choir Tour and Summer Bible School. 

Sat in the back-yard with Michelle, the kids, and the “lugs” tonight.  Those mutts are adorable.  Bradley had a phobia of the lightening bugs until we caught some and showed him that they were actually delightful creatures. 

I must get to bed.  My day tomorrow starts at the early hour of 7:30.  

Dad, if you’re reading this,  “Happy Fathers Day”.





Wednesday June 14, 2006


One of these days I’ll catch up with life.

Was in Colorado for 5 days and upon arriving back, left again in less then 24 hours for camp Andrews.  Awesome, awesome weekend.  Came back from there late Sunday night.  Functioned at 30% on Monday, then went to Longwood Garden’s on Tuesday.  And now I’m officially sick.  Think it all caught up with me.  Brain is still not funcioning properly.  One of these days when I can think normally, I’ll catch up with my email, phone-calls, and this.  Jolynn, I know I owe you a phone call.  It will come.  If it’s urgent, call me.  I’ll try to keep my phone by my side.



Wednesday June 7, 2006


On the road again…   

Excited to go caonoing, but would love to chill for a day or two.