Sunday June 18, 2006


It’s catch up time.

So the other weekend I went on a canoe trip.

We set up tents with our hands tied together the first night.

We did it!  And had fun while doing it.  Made some great friends and some amazing memories.

Hanging out around the “bathtub”.  We mistakenly took this empty tote along on the trip.  It turned out to be pretty handy to throw last minute stuff in as we were packing.  I think we were all glad we had it.


The other, other weekend, I went to Colorado.

Beautiful country.

Had a wonderful traveling companion.

Visited and hung out with a dear dear friend.

Got to know some adorable kids.

And now I’m back in the city, still trying to get my bearing.  Working like crazy this week preparing for Choir Tour and Summer Bible School. 

Sat in the back-yard with Michelle, the kids, and the “lugs” tonight.  Those mutts are adorable.  Bradley had a phobia of the lightening bugs until we caught some and showed him that they were actually delightful creatures. 

I must get to bed.  My day tomorrow starts at the early hour of 7:30.  

Dad, if you’re reading this,  “Happy Fathers Day”.






  1. twocomplicated  •  Jun 18, 2006 @8:41 pm

    hey luc did you know teresa is my first cousin!!  i’m jealous that you went on a canoe trip, i love being on the river!!:goodjob:

  2. myfrey  •  Jun 19, 2006 @7:53 am

    Thanks for the update.  I was really beginning to feel out of touch w/what’s goin’ on in your life.  I wish for you a great week.  And have a good time on tour.  C-ya next week?  Luv:love:

  3. myfrey  •  Jun 19, 2006 @4:26 pm

    Just wanted to let you know I’ll be a prayer supporter for you this weekend.  I also just realized recently that I have seen the Horst family since I’ve seen you.  I believe it is goin’ on two months soon.  Can’t wait to see you again.  Miss fussin’ w/you.  Have a great evening.  Luv

  4. myfrey  •  Jun 21, 2006 @4:49 pm

    It is a game that Marlin’s Dad made.  Not sure where he got the idea from.  It’s made out of PVC pipe.  Has 3 rungs w/a stand (so it doesn’t fall over).  You have 2 people on a side and you have two golf balls tied to each end of a rope. And throw to the opposite side and try to wrap the balls around one of the rungs.  First team to 21 points wins.  (you almost have to see it to understand).  It’s actually pretty fun & challenging.  How you been?  Have a great evening. 

  5. myfrey  •  Jun 22, 2006 @9:35 am

    Hey, if you look on floridabreze site, she has pics on her site of the game.  Only I think she called it hangball.  I think there’s a couple different names for it.  Have a great day.

  6. Anonymous  •  Jun 22, 2006 @9:13 pm

    GREAT pictures girlfriend!  I”m so jealous of you niffy green shirt there! :coolman:  Think you should ship it to me UPS today! :p  j/k!  Anyway, hope ur tour goes good for ya n ur undoubtably in my prayers! :love:

  7. krparson  •  Jun 22, 2006 @11:57 pm

    I can’t wait to hang out with you on tour. :) I”m sure we’ll make the best of it. later

  8. novembersnoelle  •  Jun 24, 2006 @6:24 pm

    Hey Lucy!  I heard from Jess that you had a great canoe trip!  I was jealous!  :)  Love ya girlfriend!

  9. myfrey  •  Jun 27, 2006 @8:34 am

    O.K. I’ll try this again.  I was about ready to submit a comment and my computer crashed.:mad:  Sooo annoying.  Anyway, I hope you life has slowed down a bit.  I would love to hear how choir tour was.  Hope to see you soon.  Have an awesome day!

    Still prayin’

  10. dreamwings  •  Jun 27, 2006 @9:03 am

    sister-poo (dont you hate that?) cant wait to spend all of 10 days with you in two weeks. it’s long overdue. love you! m

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