Tuesday June 27, 2006


Back from tour.  It was good, I think.  Very challenging.  Learned so much about relationships.  These kids teach me alot. 

The girls I was responsible for.

Chillin’ at Bald Eagle.  Got to see Gladys.  Happy, happy!

 Burning some energy.  “All in together, this is the kind of weather. . .”

 “Bind us together”

We were having some stressful moments at the park Saturday afternoon, attitudes and the such like, when I suddenly got inspired to teach the girls our “banana” chant from the BOB trip.  I grabbed my good friend Rose and we rounded up a few kids.  They loved it.  I heard it many times later in the weekend.  We then sang “Bind us together” and before we knew it, it was time to leave. 

(Michele, you and Carmen need to learn the banana chant).

 Life on the bus. 



Now I’m ready for about two weeks of normal life, before summer Bible school happens.



  1. myfrey  •  Jun 27, 2006 @2:38 pm

    Good to hear from you!  :giggle:  A talk would be good.  Have a great day.  Luv

  2. dreamwings  •  Jun 27, 2006 @4:15 pm

    i definately want to learn that Banana thing. and i cant wait to chill w/you on friday. m

  3. Anonymous  •  Jun 27, 2006 @5:11 pm

    It was so good to see you again.  I miss not seeing you more.  I still love to think about all the fun, crazy times together.  I’m glad we’re cousins! Cheryl

  4. Anonymous  •  Jun 28, 2006 @6:05 pm

    Hey, I’m back from the beach!  I feel totally toasted.  Hopefully it truns into a toppin tan for the summer.  Anyway, just read ur post and I hope your next week is fantabulous and re;axing for ya and I’m SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lookin forward to next wknd!!!! :sunny:

  5. carsto_girl  •  Jul 1, 2006 @9:49 pm

    ok ok so u have to make me cry!!! i saw my boy ryan “stinky boy” made me have a moment. but thank u for including him on the great kid catagory. and if u would teach me the banana chant…maybe i would sing it. i miss u very much! glad we got to make those memories we did. i can’t pass a dip sign without thinking of you guys. 😆 peace and :love:

  6. myfrey  •  Jul 10, 2006 @8:37 am

    Just wanted to let you know I will be thinkin’ about you this week.  Hope all goes well and everyone makes your job easy.  Have a great day!:sunny:

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