Wednesday June 7, 2006


On the road again…   

Excited to go caonoing, but would love to chill for a day or two.




  1. dreamwings  •  Jun 7, 2006 @3:38 pm

    i plan on chilling for the rest of this week. :sleepy: hope you have an awesome time. love you sis. m

  2. myfrey  •  Jun 7, 2006 @4:37 pm

    Have a great time!  (I don’t know if you left already or not)  Do you know when you will be coming to our neighborhood again?  Hope to see you soon!  Maybe we’ll have to do a girl’s nite out again. :goodjob: Would love to chat and catch up on what’s happening in your life.  Prayers.:love: 

  3. hockeychamp01_03  •  Jun 8, 2006 @10:02 pm

    thank you. he, talk to you later

  4. krparson  •  Jun 11, 2006 @2:34 pm

    hope you have a GREAT trip. TAlk to u later Kwammaine:goodjob:

  5. Anonymous  •  Jun 11, 2006 @5:48 pm

    hey if you get my phone message disreguard it please!  i willl call you this wk sometime.  can’t wait to catch up w/ ya!!! :fun: :fun: :fun:

  6. myfrey  •  Jun 12, 2006 @4:18 pm

    Just me, wondering how your weekend was.  Do I get to see you soon?  Have a great week.:spinning:

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