Sunday July 2, 2006


Fireworks at Penn’s Landing – a yearly tradition for us staff.

Played scum and ate food while we waited for them to start.  It was packed this year.  People everywhere.  

Bradley and I, in awe of the display.

Denise, waiting for the night to be over. 




  1. myfrey  •  Jul 6, 2006 @4:24 pm

    How’s your week going so far?  I’m about ready for a weekend again.  Have so much to do at home, but the energy to do it is kinda lacking.  Have a great one.

  2. Anonymous  •  Jul 6, 2006 @9:02 pm

    That dress you have on on the pic of you holdin what’s his toes – looks very familar…… 😉

  3. myfrey  •  Jul 7, 2006 @11:49 am

    Mom & sis were telling me about your day yesterday.  I understand the sore legs/feet situation.  Felt that way when I started for Yoder’s many moons ago.  Anyway, sounds like you did pretty good!  I’m sure every bit helps.  Hope it continues to go well for you.  C-ya in a couple weeks.  Luv, prayers, and shasta daisies.

  4. dreamwings  •  Jul 7, 2006 @12:37 pm

    hey lu,
    i’m glad i came down too
    see you soon
    it’s been a blue moon,
    i’ve really missed you
    but now i’m through.


  5. myfrey  •  Jul 12, 2006 @8:49 am

    Hey, how’s the matron?  Hope all goes well and you have an excellent two weeks.  C-ya the 23rd.

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